Work or rework?

Review of the book rework

So last week I started listening to this book’s audible format. First thing I was surprised that the book is short. Listening time is less than 3 hours, I usually listen to audibles in 1.5x speed because those books will be really big. But this I listened in a normal speed so that I can grasp as many points as possible.

This book is for whoever wants to start a business and people who already running a business. It is quite different from other business management books.

This book is written by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried narrated by Mike Chamberlain. Those authors were employees of 37signals company.

What stops you to start a business?

You may not have a clear idea or a big plan. You may not find enough time to do things. You will have a day job so that you couldn’t concentrate on your business. You don’t have a VC funding. You don’t have a partner or the big office maybe you don’t have the motivation.

These are a lie. You don’t need any of these to start. Don’t say you are an entrepreneur you are a starter. 10 out of 9 business fails. But failure is better than not doing anything.

All business starts from the garage. Build things which you want to use. Build a product which is needed even after 10 years. So start and deliver something to the customer. Iteration is the best way to run a business. No business has a finished product. They do iteration.

You don’t have to spend 40 hours a week to start a business just 4 hours in a weekend is far enough. Don’t hire people, do it yourself.

Ignore the real world

Not every company has to be big.

In the real world, people may say companies are to be bigger. It should have a bigger office higher revenue. Figure out the right size of your company. If it only needs one person that’s fair enough.

Grow slowly

Many startups after becoming popular they are getting more VC funds and making their business bigger. But premature growth is the cause of failure for many startups.

Don’t become big in a short time. Once you have a bigger company then change will be very difficult. You have to convince the board of directors, employees, VCs and many. But if you are small then you can easily adapt to change.

Employee freedom

Don’t allow your employees to become workaholics. Staying more time in office is not a result of better work. You will be tired after if you are working more time. In the tired situation, you can’t take better decisions. Within a given time find out the best way to figure out the solution.

Send the employees to go home at 5. You can’t expect your employees should only work for you alone. They can even have work outside. They should be busy. Give them freedom don’t push them to follow the company culture.

You can’t get full 8 hours of work from employees. Few minutes of Facebook time is not going to affect your business. Don’t become a policeman and keep on watching them.

Build half product

You may have a big idea that doesn’t mean you have to build it completely. Reduce it to half. If you minimize the priority then you can easily deliver the product.

Don’t plan for months and years. You can manage time. So just try to set realistic goals and achieve that. If you set a big goal for next 3 months for sure you can’t finish that. That results in depression. To create a smaller plan and achieve, this will give a motivation to do more.

Find your most productive time and work regularly at that particular time. Split the problems into smaller and take decisions on that.

Trust your employees.

The book is super good. You should definitely read it. Audible format of the book is even better. It won’t waste your time.

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