7.2 Stable is Here!

Introducing new web features such as WebGL2, Intersection Observer, Web Assembly and Protected Browsing to all Samsung Internet Users

The stable doors are open. (Photo credit: Max Pixel)

If you’ve been reading this developer blog you may have already seen our announcement earlier in the year of the release of 7.2 Beta. We are now happy to announce that 7.2 stable has been released and is rolling out across all compatible devices via Play Store and Galaxy Apps. This includes all recent model Samsung devices as well as most Android devices running Android L and above.

The engine has been upgraded to Chromium M59, bringing new Web Platform features such as Web Assembly, Intersection Observer and WebGL2.

7.2 also introduces protected browsing (which I previously wrote about) to warn users from going to sites which may be trying to trick them into installing malware onto their phone or steal information from them.

Our new add-to-homescreen indicator icon will be appearing in the URL bar whenever you visit a site that can be saved to your home screen as a progressive web app (PWA).

As Ada wrote about for our announcement of 7.2 Beta, this version of the browser also introduces easier-to-download content blockers and a new URL bar which features a new add-to-homescreen indicator for progressive webapps. News articles will also get a new “reader mode” badge. (And we still are bundling Disconnect.me which means you can enable tracking blocking easily via the Extensions menu, giving you far greater privacy as you navigate the web.)

Thanks to all who downloaded and used the beta, especially if you submitted feedback — we appreciate it! We always take your feedback seriously. If you’re keen to stay on the bleeding edge, feel free to continue to use our Beta (now on 7.4) and please enable “Send error data” from the privacy settings and if you encounter errors use the “Send error reports” option from the main menu.