Preview: WebVR & Web Payments at FullStack 2017!

Peter O'Shaughnessy
Samsung Internet Developers
2 min readJun 26, 2017


FullStack, the JavaScript, Node and IoT conference, is returning to London next month — and Ada and I will be there!

Ada is speaking on the first day right after Douglas Crockford (so no pressure Ada! 😉). Ada will be talking about Virtual Reality and the future of the Web — sharing the awesome potential of WebVR and showing some of the demos that blew minds at the recent CSS Day!

If you feel that WebVR is too new to start exploring already, you might be interested to know that the API has been in development since 2014 and companies like Pearson, Renault, Iberia, TUI Group and more have all been starting to work with it. Side note: Our colleague uve will be speaking more about how companies are using WebVR today, at WebXR Paris on July 5th!

Iberia Virtual Flight

On Day 2 of FullStack, I’ll be giving a 15-minute tour of Web Payments. Did you know around 70% of online checkouts are abandoned — with a study showing the abandonment rate is nearly 25% higher on mobile than desktop? Over a quarter of survey respondents said the reason was the checkout process was too long / complicated. So if browsers can provide APIs for easy online checkouts, that can be a big win for our customers and us developers alike.

Samsung Internetalong with Chrome and Edge — supports the Payment Request API, a browser-provided UI that you can use to collect your users’ payment and shipping details. I’ll share how to use it in my lightning talk and also introduce the new Payment Handler API.

A Payment Request demo for purchasing our lovely Samsung Internet socks

We’re excited to meet old friends and new friends at FullStack. If you can make it along, we look forward to seeing you there! (And if you can’t, you can follow along on social media!)