Introducing Samsung Internet 14.0 Beta

New version brings our latest features to your favorite browser

Laura Morinigo
Mar 9 · 5 min read

We’re happy to announce our most recent update for Samsung Internet Beta 14.0, which is available to test right now. The update brings new features for a better online experience, high-quality web apps for your users and enhancements to some of our popular previous features, like Smart Tracking 3.0.

If you want to start testing it today, you can download it here.

Let’s jump into some of the new features.

Privacy & Security

We’re committed to protecting our users’ privacy — that’s why we’re delivering better ways for users to avoid being tracked online and why privacy will continue to be a major focus for us this year and beyond.

Security Control Panel

Users care about privacy and so do we. So now they will be able to check key statistics and get insights into their online privacy via the “Privacy and security” settings, with a clear and easy-to-understand UI.

Smart Anti Tracking 3.0

We know Smart Anti Tracking is a favorite feature amongst Samsung Internet users, and now it is even more powerful. Smart Anti Tracking uses on-device machine learning to identify trackers used by a website and remove them, preventing websites from seeing your online activities.

Smart Anti-Tracking 3.0 now provides protection against first-party, redirection-based trackers by clearing cookies at scheduled intervals. This bounce tracking protection works separately to the existing protection from third-party cookie blocking for cross-site trackers. It also provides automatic cookie access to certain third-party tracker domains under specific first-party websites, preventing functionality breakages such as logins from third-party comment plugin services.

The Foldable Era

With the arrival of new devices, developers can start thinking of new ways to deliver content and we believe browsers should support this. That’s why Samsung Internet now offers new features designed especially for the era of foldable devices:

Video Flex Mode for CP Full Screen

CP Video Flex Mode now allows for flex mode to be used when viewing content in fullscreen. The video will display on the top half of the screen, and the control UI will appear on the lower half of the screen. And it works regardless of whether Video Assistant is enabled.

App pair for edge panel

App Pair provides a way to launch multiple Samsung Internet browsers at the same time via the edge panel. This allows users to multitask when navigating the internet and developers can start to consider how this new form of responsive design can open up new dimensions for online browsing.

To create an app pair icon at edge panel simply:

· Launch Samsung Internet

· Touch the divider and tap on the App Pair icon. You will then be able to launch more than one Samsung Internet browser windows at once

With One UI 2.5, up to three app pairs are supported.

From One UI 2.5, a maximum of 3 instance app pair is supported in the split window.

UI/UX Enhancements

Direct Writing

When using an S Pen, users’ gestures can now be recognized when editing or writing text in the browser, accompanied by a new toolbar that provides additional helpful functions. For developers, this means users have a new way to insert data and interact with input fields. And not only will this work in the URL bar of the browser, but it will also work for any input/text box on websites. This feature is available for the Galaxy Tab S7 with the latest Android binary (One UI 3.1).

Font Support

Users can now apply the same font that they use on their device as the font that will display on webpages, allowing for a completely customized experience when navigating through different sites. This feature is available for Galaxy devices with Android M OS and above

Other UI updates

  • P3 color space: Images with DCI-P3 can be presented through WCG (Wide Color Gamut). DCI/P3 is a common RGB color space used for digital movie projection in the American film industry. This feature works on any display that supports DCI-P3 and Android QOS or higher.
  • Item deletion in auto-complete list: Users can delete an item simply by holding down a long tap on the suggestion list.
  • Show and hide toolbar in Quick Access Page: Show and hide toolbar in Quick Access Page when scrolling up and down.
  • Enhancement of drag & drop visual cue: GUI change on text selection dragging. Before, the whole text and transparent shadow was dragged, but now it’s a neat and opaque text box when dragged.

Major Chromium Update

Last but by no means least, Samsung Internet 14.0 is also associated with Chromium 87, which includes: control camera pan, tilt, and zoom, cross-origin isolation, Range Request Headers in Service Workers. This version of Chromium incorporates version 8.7 of the V8 JavaScript engine. For more information about this Chromium release, see here.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this new release — What’s your favorite feature?

If you find any bugs or issues, please let us know at:

Samsung Internet Developers

Writings from the Samsung Internet Developer Relations…

Samsung Internet Developers

Writings from the Samsung Internet Developer Relations Team. For more info see our disclaimer:

Laura Morinigo

Written by

Google Developer Expert @Firebase, advocate, mentor, #VoiceFirst Enthusiast. Here to share thoughts and adventures. From Argentina to the world.

Samsung Internet Developers

Writings from the Samsung Internet Developer Relations Team. For more info see our disclaimer:

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