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The number 16 in birthday candles on a cake.
The number 16 in birthday candles on a cake.
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Enhanced search experience and tracking protection top the bill of new features for our latest version, rolling out now on our Beta channel.

Samsung Internet 16 updates the Chromium engine and continues improving the user experience of the browser whilst also providing a privacy enhanced browsing experience. You can install Samsung Internet 16 from the Play Store or the Galaxy Store:

New Features

1. Enhanced Search Experience

Searching in Samsung Internet 16.0 is made easier and more intuitive by the enhanced suggestion results. Address bar searching now provides a list of potential results while searching and reorders the results for easier recognition. The chip-type view allows…

AFrame has had the ability to work in AR for a long time but it was pretty difficult to do it well requiring developers to interface with WebXR directly. Recent upgrades to AFrame make it easier provide new components so you can do high quality AR on the Web easier than ever before.

To get started quickly remix the example the below, for more information about how the different pieces work carry on reading:

The upgrades to AFrame support Augmented Reality features which are new to the web. Documentation for these is being added to MDN at the moment…

The avenues into web development are continuously expanding, from learning alone with online resources to completing a computer science or software engineering degree and everything in between. Last week I got to speak on a panel to a group of 116 women about what it’s like working in tech, led by Generation UK.

World flags from many countries against a cloudy sky.
World flags from many countries against a cloudy sky.
Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash

Many Websites provide multiple language variations allowing users to comfortably use the site without relying on machine translation. When you making this website into a Progressive Web App you have a choice to make:

Do you have a single PWA for all languages or do you make a PWA on a per language basis?

It’s easy to mistakenly apply the restrictions of Apps to PWAs, due to the additonal cost and work required in submitting your native app to app-stores many companies provide a single app which can be configured from the inside.

The Web is a lot simpler you…

Recently I was working on my dissertation and came across an interesting problem with using the has_one association in Rails. But before we get into that, let’s take a step back to understand a little about how associations work in Rails.

A woman on big brother looking confused

Rails Associations

I’m not going to assume everyone reading this knows or understands in depth about databases and object relational mappers so I’ll try to keep this brief and simple. If you want a more in depth understanding, the Rails docs are a good starting point to understanding this in that specific context.


Enhanced tracking protection and a new search widget top the bill of new features for our latest version, rolling out now on our Beta channel.

Image of “No. 15”.
Image of “No. 15”.
Image by Arno Senoner on Unsplash

We’re constantly working to make your web experience better and more secure. This month we’re introducing our latest beta, 15.0, with a engine upgrade as well as new features and privacy protections.

To start off with, 15.0 will be based on Chromium M90. This means developers will have new APIs to work with as well as the 9.0 version of the v8 JavaScript engine.

High Mountain

We are happy to announce that Progressive Web App Summit is finally happening this year, it will be a free online and community-oriented event focused on helping everyone succeed with PWAs.

👉 Why?

We created this event to help spread the word about PWAs — how to successfully build them and how to integrate them into your existing web and/or app strategy. We aren’t here to sell you on a particular framework or tech stack; in fact, we’re not trying to sell you anything… the event is free!

👉 Who is organizing the event?

The PWA Summit’s organizers are a group of industry experts that believe in the…

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Web privacy is going through a renaissance, with pressure from all fractions of internet users, from activists to governments, we’re in a moment where web and browser developers are being forced to consider safer alternatives to online tracking. For example, Samsung Internet allows you to turn off third party cookies the Sites and Downloads page in settings under “Cookies.” So, we’ve all kind of agreed that third-party cookies are on the way out (learn more about cookies in part 1), but what takes their place? Google proposes First-Party Sets. …

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As promised in my last post about dark mode, I bring you a dark mode tutorial 🌚. If you just want to see the code, a refactored version lives on Glitch. Let’s get straight into it.


This tutorial is beginner friendly but not if you’ve done absolutely no HTML, CSS, JavaScript. You’ll also need a small HTML and CSS site that you’d like to add dark mode to. I’ll be using my own personal site.

An adaptive and high-performance transformer

The benefits of applying responsive design include boosting your SEO, having a better user experience on different devices, and making your website more accessible, but did you know that making your web app adaptive to different viewports can also improve your web performance score? In previous articles, we explained the current status of responsive design including dark mode and responsive design for foldables, and we even share some insights about its future, now let’s deep dive into how web performance is related to an optimized look and feel.

Web Performance Metrics

The first step to improving something is to measure it! Being aware…

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