Announcing the Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant recipients

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Jan 31 · 2 min read

By Ricardo J. Méndez
Samsung NEXT Europe

Last November, we launched the Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant, a non-equity program to support early-stage teams building decentralized technologies with funding, expertise, and access to the Samsung NEXT network.

The Stack Zero Grant was born out of our belief that, as an industry, we must support the volunteers and researchers who are building the infrastructure of the future.

During the application period, we received proposals from more than 100 teams. The quality of projects was great across the board, which made narrowing down our selections difficult. However, we were eventually able to choose nine submissions from groups working on several different areas across the decentralization space.

The selected teams cover a wide array of technologies, from low-level libraries to decentralized social networks to privacy tools. The one thing they all have in common is that they use decentralization technology to empower individuals and communities.

The projects are:

This is a good segue into Spritely. Christopher Lemmer Webber is the co-editor and co-author of the now-ubiquitous ActivityPub protocol. While it provides a great framework for creating, updating, and deleting content across applications, it doesn’t provide any standardised mechanism for secure authorisation. With , Webber will work on extending the protocol in a backward-compatible manner, while at the same time building tools and applications that showcase its use. This will enable developers to build applications that enable richer interactions through a federated standard.

The Dat Project is the umbrella for a series of libraries enabling peer-to-peer communication, such as Hypercore (an append-only/Merkle tree combination) and HyperDrive (a peer-to-peer distributed file system). It also maintains and supports the Dat protocol, which combines properties of Git and IPFS into a unique distribution mechanism. The team has been quietly working on libraries for more than five years and its tools have enabled others to easily start their own decentralized projects.

We’re also supporting two teams with opportunity grants:

Simply Secure supports practitioners who are putting people at the center of trustworthy technology, by providing workshops for user experience designers, researchers, and developers. It runs workshops and mentors security practitioners, helping to ensure that technology puts people at the center of privacy, security, and transparency.

Originally published at on January 31, 2019.

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What’s NEXT

Exploring the technology of tomorrow and what it means for us today

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