Introducing Samu for Windows & Mac

PLUS a new theme, productivity score & search

We’ve released a major update to Samu and there’s a ton of new stuff that will make you love it right away! Below you’ll find an overview of the most important new features, including clients for Windows and Mac.

Windows & Mac (Beta)

Although we use Browsers on a daily basis, we definitely understand the benefits of native clients. We’re super excited to finally announce the new native apps for Windows (8.1 and upwards) and Mac OSX.

The download links for Windows and Mac OS X.

Unzip the downloaded file and run .exe (Windows) or .app (Mac OS X)

Productivity Score

Samu aims to increase your productivity. For this reason, we’re introducing the Productivity Score (PS) which measures your overall and daily performance.

The score reflects your daily productivity based on a variety of factors. This includes the difficulty, urgency and importance of a task. Samu features eight ranks:

A Bright Minimal Theme

Samu features 15 unique themes.

You told us that you’d like a brighter look and we heard you. Although we love all of our unique themes, we definitely agree that there was a bright one missing. For that reason I’m super excited to present our latest theme. The clean and minimalistic look is ideal to remove clutter and focus what’s most important: getting things done.

Search & Sort Tasks

Filter your tasks by name, or sort them.

Our new Search is truly a time saver. It’s great for filtering tasks too, as you can label them with Emojis or prefixes (e.g. [NYC], [LDN]). Additionally we introduced more sort by options, including by earliest and latest due date.

Samu is easiest way to manage your tasks. It’s based on the Eisenhower Matrix, a time management technique used by presidents, executives and managers. Try it out at