Samu in March 2016

New Server Infrastructure, Improved Layout & Subtasks

I’m super excited to share our second monthly income report. March started off great with a lot of people converting to customers and we nearly reached our goal of $100 MRR.

Probably the main reason why we haven’t reached our goal was due to the fact that Moritz and I got ill and couldn’t work for roughly half of the month. These things can happen and I’m positive that we will bounce back in April!

Key Metrics

  • Total Registered Users: 508 (+20%)
  • Monthly Active Users: 153 (-63%)
  • Total Tasks: 5,658 (60%)
  • Total Completed Tasks: 2,706 (+97%)
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue: $77.50 (845%)
  • Annual Recurring Revenue: $930 (845%)

In March we reached 500 registered users who created more than 5,000 tasks and completed nearly half of them. Especially the last number, completed tasks, makes me proud as it means that people are really actively using Samu.

We could increase our MRR from $9.16 to $77.50 too. This helps us to invest into marketing materials and further accelerate growth.


As we were close to reaching 500 users, we decided it would be better to move Samu to its own server infrastructure. This has a couple of advantages, but the main ones are improved stability and improved speed.

Introducing Subtasks

Subtasks are a great way to gather multiple tasks in one. This helps to improve clarity, but also keeps the focus and productivity levels high.

You can add subtasks for every tasks and it’s as simple as it can get. Just click on Add subtasks, type your task and and hit enter when you’re done.

Samu supports now Subtasks.

As we both got the flu, one Austrian and one South-East Asian, we couldn’t finish Recurring Tasks in time. However we released this feature in the first week of April.

Additionally we’ve fixed a number of bugs and further improved the UX on mobile devices.


We’ve set up a couple of AdWords campaigns, but haven’t seen the desired result so far. There have been some clicks, but no conversion (paying customer) so far. We still have about $50 left, so we are going to continue running AdWords in April and make a final decision once our campaign budget has run out.

I’ve under estimated the time Content Marketing takes, especially if you want to publish your posts at other blogs. I was able to prepare three articles and I’m confident that we’ll be able to release them in April.

What’s interesting though that some people decide to pay for Samu after they haven’t used it for a while. I’m not sure why this happens, but I’ll find out the reason.

Goals for April

It was great to see so many people converted to customers in March and we aim to double that number in April to 32 paying customers and a monthly recurring revenue of $160. Our strategy to achieve this goal is to publish at least three guest posts and further increase our traffic from SEO.

Another goal is to make the Samu blog the best source for everything in regards of time management and productivity. I know this is a bold statement, but I truly believe that this is the key for our success.

Thanks for being part of the Samu journey. We’re excited to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Medium or Twitter to get all of our posts.

Samu is easiest way to manage your tasks. It’s based on the Eisenhower Matrix, a time management technique used by presidents, business leaders and celebrities. Try it out at

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