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Cheer up 30s!

It was a mad summer of 1999! Steffi Graf was playing her final wimbledon. I had just entered my teens. Graf was the first teenage crush. But the entire media attention was on this little 15 year old kid who was playing her first Wimbledon semi final.

Lucic Baroni played her only other semi final two days ago in the 2017 Australian open! Yes you read it right 2017 it is! after 18 years.

In the post match interview, she said this and I quote! “I can’t tell you what happened to my life in between. But I am back here!” At the age of 33. She is back in a grand slam semifinal. After messing up most of her twenties. Life!

And whom did she play in the Australian Open semi final? Venus Williams! That girl played her first final against Martina Hingis in 1997. Phew. And Venus has a sister called Serena who is 35 herself playing her umpteenth final.

And even as I’m typing this, Nadal has booked a place in the final against the ageless Federer.

What’s up 30s? You don’t quit when you are 30, do you?

I was a loser. All my 20s went away in my own pursuit of what I thought was life! The world suddenly started looking old. Everybody around looked better, coz they handled life better in their 20s. The paunch slowed me down. The face became round! Well, more round. The specs became bigger.

Are you in the same boat friend? Belonging to the generation which has just entered the 30s? And look around lost at the fast paced world? Do you look at the younger lot with envy? Is the mind quitting more often?There is hope! 30s is not the end of it. You can begin life at 30. So showed Baroni, Williams, Nadal, Federer and the ilk.

I’m not quitting on myself anytime soon!




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