Song 1 — No Lie

Ahh, leak season four is finally here with us. Carti merchants all around the globe have been fiending for full versions of highly touted snippets such as: no lie, no charm, a lot on my mind & pop bottles. Out of the four, three leaked last week, and oh man did we celebrate. The best of the bunch I’d say is ‘No lie’ . Carti’s ,stochastic as ever, flowing over this spacey, muffled pierre beat(?) muttering barely audible tales of struggle — “I was down bad i was down bad/servin dime bags out my hoe pad”. He doesn’t say much else throughout the duration of the song but hey, that line cuts deep.

This blog/column(?) is an attempt at writing a short diary-esque note on any random song, old or new that the bulb likes. Let’s see how long it lasts.