Commission Information

The prices, rules, and other information (updated 2019.04.14)

I reserve a set amount of time each week to work on commissions and freelance after my day’s work is done with webcomics. I will sometimes hold off commissions if I have too many queued up. When that happens, I’ll put a waitlist until the next spot frees up (don’t fret)! I will then notify you and then we can proceed.


Colored sketch

Sketched with a mechanical pencil, scanned, then colored in Clip Studio Paint.

  • Bust and waist: 10 USD
  • Full body: 20 USD

Line Art

  • Bust and waist: 20 USD
  • Full body: 40 USD

Flat colors

  • Bust and waist: 30 USD
  • Full body: 50 USD

Full color (Cel shading only!)

Cel-shaded in Clip Studio Paint. May be lightly Photoshopped. Additional characters and other shindig for all tiers can be seen below. Sorry, no soft (realistic) shading.

  • Bust and waist: 40 USD
  • Full body: 60 USD


  • 8–16 USD for each additional character (6 characters is the maximum)
  • 15–25 USD for simple or detailed backgrounds

Terms and Conditions

If you’re interested in a commission, email me at with the subject “Commission” and give me a nice, clear, and consistent image references for your character(s) (or photos of yourself, your friends, your family, etc.). Also note that I will not be designing characters for you.

Prices listed above are in USD (United States Dollars) and accepting payment via PayPal only (you can use the XE Currency Converter if you live in another country). Stripe cannot be used because it only supports 32 countries. Please note that I will always reject any NSFW or lewd artists and will always refuse commissions that contain NSFW or lewd content (read the “not allowed” section). The poses do not apply to bust commissions. Commissions will be 3000 pixels wide and 3000 pixels tall. Other currencies such as Canadian Dollars (CAD) and Japanese Yen (JPY) are also accepted. If I didn’t start the commission as I am on vacation or something, I can give you the full refund. I can give you half of the refund if I only reached to the sketching stage (does not apply to colored sketch tiers). No refunds if I have reached the line art stage.


  • human
  • anthropomorphic animal (fox, cat…)
  • original character
  • half human-half fox/cat hybrid
  • fan art (does not include anything owned by either Disney or WB)
  • real people (you, your friends, your significant other, etc.)
  • chibi
  • animal
  • fights (no blood or gore)

Not allowed

  • NSFW content (this includes pornography, lewdness, fetishes, heavy violence, blood or gore)
  • hate art (based on their race, ethnicity, veteran status, or any other subject that may offend people)
  • rape
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • pedophilia
  • inflation
  • butt implantation
  • exaggerated private parts
  • derogatory subject matter
  • pin-up (Instagram and Twitter will ban certain hashtags)

Commercial Commission Information

For all commercial inquiries of hiring me for services such as illustration work, art or design assets for projects like comics, video games, websites, music, etc., please contact me at