Cory and Kaila

Cory and Kaila (often abbreviated as C&K and sometimes written as Cory and Kaila: From Video Game Addict to Samurai Artist) is an autobiographical webcomic. It tells the story of an uncle-and-niece duo who must learn about the use of behavior modification and self-development in order to eliminate the behavioral health services as many millennials quit their day jobs to become freelancers or start their own businesses or studios. It is set in the fictional city of Manhokyo (a portmanteau of Manhattan and Tokyo), where it has the lowest crime rate as it somewhat alludes to Japanese culture. The comic’s logo uses the Electroharmonix typeface.


Samurai Cory (侍コーリー), also known by his real name, Chester Roberts II (チェスター・ロバーツ・二世)) is the 26-year-old comic creator and graphic designer, as well as a Japanophile and the main male protagonist of the series. He must use behavior modification and self-development in order to eliminate the behavioral health services who try to force him into a group home. Cory is the proprietor of Samurai Fox Studio as the one-samurai army, as he used to work in his father’s painting/decorating business as his business partner. He is moderate (but not yet fluent) in Japanese.

Cory has red spiky hair that is always tied to a spiked ponytail, green eyes, and his orange fox ears and tail are always exposed. He frequently wears a very large (3XL) light blue T-shirt with the kanji samurai (侍) on the front and dark blue and red baggy cargo shorts. On his feet, he wears white and red tube socks and his trademark Adidas Superstar tennis shoes (changed to black Chuck Taylor tennis shoes on occasions).

Kaila Lewis aka Kaila-san (カイラ・ルイス) is the 14-year-old main female protagonist of the series. She is Cory’s tomboyish niece and traveling companion, who always accompanies him on his adventures. She is a high school student who attends Manhokyo High School and always wears her overalls with one strap undone (like many teenage girls) and wearing tube socks (a nod to the Canadian singer-songwriter/actress Avril Lavigne) instead of being with the other girls.

Kaila has tanned skin, long black hair that is always tied to a ponytail (similar to The Idolmaster character Hibiki Ganaha), and green eyes. She frequently wears a white tank top, a green sports bra under the shirt, a green bracelet, and dark blue baggy overalls with the right strap undone. On her feet, she wears white and red tube socks and off-white Chuck Taylor All-Stars that are always untied (changed to a pair of white and green uwabaki while at Manhokyo High School and a pair of Adidas Superstar tennis shoes on occasions).

Matthew “Matt” Namikawa (波川 マット) is a Japanese-Canadian anthropomorphic red fox who is Cory and Kaila’s mentor and life coach. He teaches them how to use behavior modification instead of being rebellious and/or getting into arguments, as well as not touching TV shows, films, or video games that have adult ratings. He also owns an abandoned amusement park where Cory and Kaila often hang out.

Matt has orange and white fur, brown hair and green eyes. He wears baggy jean overalls with the right strap undone and Adidas Superstar tennis shoes.

Meagan Sinanan (メガン・シナナン) is Kaila and Kamille’s 20-year-old cousin who often uses her telekinesis rather than physically touching the items and her metaphysics (very similar to the Force in the Star Wars franchise). Meagan can actually fly as opposed to walking/running or using public transportation. Her outfit is very similar to Sherman from the film/cartoon series Mr. Peabody and Sherman (sans glasses).

Meagan has long black hair tied in to a ponytail, tanned skin and green eyes (like her younger cousins). She wears a very large white hoodie that has very loose sleeves resembling a kimono or an angel, black cargo shorts, white and red tube socks and off-white Converse All-Star tennis shoes that are always untied, allowing her to take them off with ease while entering homes or temples as she prefers to walk in her socked feet while at homes or temples instead of wearing any house slippers like the other characters.

Chester Roberts Sr. (チェスター・ロバーツ・シニア) aka Mr. Roberts (ミスター・ロバーツ) is Cory’s Jamaican-American father and Kaila’s eventual paternal grandfather. He wants his son to use behavior modification and live his life to the fullest instead of using negativity or binge gaming. He is the owner of Mystic Painting and Decorating as he sometimes uses WhatsApp to send him productive YouTube videos, only to end up in (rather inappropriate or silly) YouTube videos.

Mr. Roberts is often seen wearing an Indiana Jones-esque outfit when he is not at work. He is also informed by his son that many millenials started freelancing or have started their own businesses or studios.

Kamille Lewis (カミーラ・ルイス) is Kaila’s brainy younger sister and Cory’s 12-year-old niece who is always busy studying in school but makes occasional appearances. Kamille wears pink and purple, as she always wears glasses (that Cory didn’t ask her to remove her glasses as she can see him), possibly due to her eyesight.

Kamille has tanned skin, blue eyes, and black (originally pink) hair that is tied to a ponytail. She is clad in a pink T-shirt with the kanji hime (姫), meaning “princess”, purple and pink baggy jumpsuit with the top half that is always open and tied around the waist as pants (much like the Hagane no Renkinjutsushi/Fullmetal Alchemist character Winry Rockbell), and pink Chuck Taylor All-Stars. She always wears pink glasses.

Places of Note in Manhokyo

Namikawa Loft

The residence of Cory, Kaila, and Sensei Matt. It is a two-story house which contains the following:

  • Genkan (entrance, where the characters take off their shoes before entering, walking in socks or in house slippers — this is often common in Japan, as some rooms have tatami mats or toilet slippers)
  • Kitchen (first floor)
  • Dining room (first floor)
  • Bathroom (first and second floor)
  • Living room (first floor, used sometimes for meditation)
  • Cory and Kaila’s bedroom (second floor)
  • Sensei Matt’s bedroom (second floor)
  • Cory’s design office (third floor, as it where Cory works (and livestreams) from home most of the time, which includes an iMac and a MacBook Pro, a Wacom Intuos Medium tablet, studio headphones, a microphone and other things. He doesn’t allow any visitors (except Kaila and Matt) in his office.)
  • Game room (third floor, which includes the Nintendo Switch, a Wii U, and a 2DS XL and two new 3DS XL systems — Cory: black/blue 2DS XL; Kaila: green new 3DS XL; Matt: white/orange 3DS XL, as well as including a wide-screen TV)

Manhokyo High School

The high school where Kaila attends, as she is the only student who does not wear a traditional Japanese school uniform (seifuku). It resembles a cross between Johnathan Dayton High School and Tokyo High School, as the high school students wear Japanese school uniforms. The panties are replaced with cycling shorts on female high school students (as well as in their Japanese-styled gym uniforms) citing modesty concerns.

Rukia Kurosaki Theme Park

An abandoned theme park that the former owner of the park, Ryo Himura, left the states and gone back to Japan after graduating from University studying English, as the park was closed at the end of 2012 due to increasing sales of digital copies of computer games, eliminating the physical copies as the optical drives will be obsolete on newer computers. The city agreed that Sensei Matt would own the abandoned park without any renovations, which he agrees, as it is now a well-known urban exploration and a hangout, allowing himself, Cory and Kaila (including Kamille on occasions) to visit the park daily. Police officers are seen patrolling the park daily to keep tresspassers out, with the exceptions of Cory, Kaila, and Matt. Most of the rides were moved to other theme parks, others rust (and are ruined) in the abandoned park. It features the following:

  • A rusted, partially-collapsed wooden roller coaster (the lift hill and the controls have stopped working)
  • A rusted, partially-destroyed bobsled coaster (the lift hill and the controls have stopped working)
  • A rusted, partially-collapsed mine train roller coaster (leaving only the station)
  • A partially-destroyed side-friction roller coaster
  • Some partially ruined buildings (only a few left standing, but the bathroom remains as they hired a janitor to maintain the bathroom daily, as the pipe is only running on the toilets and faucets/sinks)
  • Four three-person car seats from 2007 Ford F-150 trucks, all of which were in a severe car crash (where Cory and Kaila often sit and hang out)
  • Electric rat traps (to stop rats from roaming the park)

The park takes its name from the Bleach characters Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki, The vowels on the sign’s entrance have fallen off due to heavy damage and decay, reading “R_K__ K_R_S_K_ TH_M_ P_RK”. This was the only park in Manhokyo. This could be a possible reference to the RollerCoaster Tycoon and Thrillville games, two of which Cory used to play as a child/teenager.


Manhokyo has American/Canadian and Japanese restaurants as it does not have any McDonald’s or Burger King restaurants as the city wants to curb obesity following the controversial YouTube video titled “Dear Fat People” by Nicole Arbour. The brand names and logos of the restaurants have been intentionally misspelled and/or modified in an effort to avoid copyright infringement notices.

Manhokyo Community College

A two-year community college that around 2,500 people attend, most of which have been reading books made by Tony Robbins and/or watched videos by Project Life Mastery’s Stefan James.

Manhokyo Mall

Another hangout, modeled after a few shopping malls in the New York Metro Area. The stores include Journeys (which only sells Adidas Superstar tennis shoes, Converse tennis shoes, and tube socks), Gap, Old Navy, Forever 21, GameStop, and JNCO. The brand names and logos have been intentionally misspelled and/or modified in an effort to avoid copyright infringement notices.

Central Botanical Gardens

Also another hangout, where Cory and Kaila hang out. It resembles a cross between Central Park and Koshikawa Botanical Gardens.


  • Cory always ties his shoelaces with the “Ian Knot”.
  • Despite Kaila knowing how to tie her own shoelaces, she prefers to leave her shoelaces untied on her off-white Chuck Taylor All-Stars.
  • Kaila’s father (Earl) is Jamaican and her mother (Jo) is Trinidadian, despite her American nationality.
  • Kaila doesn’t like sushi.
  • Cory and Kaila are seen hugging each other as an alternative to kissing. Kaila is always seen in her uncle’s arms, also as an alternative to kissing (like the picture on the left), due to the fact kissing in public is uncomfortable in Japan.
  • Cory doesn’t like socks that have gray parts on the heels/toes as he prefers socks that have no gray parts on the heels/toes. Also, he doesn’t like tattoos or body piercings.
  • Cory and Kaila doesn’t seem to have pajamas other than the clothes that they actually wear (and also to sleep in).
  • Kaila always has her hair tied into a ponytail, even when sleeping.
  • Kamille is the only character in the comic to wear pink and purple, and the only character to wear a jumpsuit.