Cory and Kaila

Cory and Kaila (often abbreviated as C&K) is an autobiographical webcomic which is read from left-to-right. The story focuses on yours truly and his niece who must use behavior modification and self-development in order to stop the care management facilities and behavioral health organizations from any future threats (including taking the “traditional” path or being sent to a group home) as many millennials quit their day jobs to become freelancers or start their own businesses or studios. Cory and Kaila uses the sound-effect bleep censor when the character swears as the comic is split into five chapters. There’s truth in every episode (with some exceptions as the setting, including a few characters, have been fictionalized). Due to licensing reasons, logos such as “Olive Garden” or “Forever 21” are intentionally modified to prevent copyright infringement.


Cory and Kaila is set in the fictional city of Manhokyo (a portmanteau of Manhattan and Tokyo), where it has the lowest crime rate as it alludes to the Japanese culture, both ancient and modern. The Manhokyo Behavioral Health, a fictional behavioral health organization has threatened to force anyone who has a violent behavior to a group home, and the Sakagami Care Management, a fictional care management facility who want people who are lazy to take classes, find a job in a corporate area, find a wife based on their race or ethnicity, or find a local apartment (which prevents any individual from leaving the US).

Samurai Cory, a comic/manga artist, graphic designer, and illustrator got a notice from Daniel Sakagami, the case manager who wants him to go to a group home or take classes due to his violent and lazy behavior (such as playing video games for extended periods of time — as he wanted to finish the games that required completion). Kaila Lewis, his tomboyish niece, prevented the instructor and the rare male case manager from approaching her uncle. A desperate Mr. Roberts (his father) contacts Matt Namikawa, who in turn will teach the two about behavior modification and self-development, to stop the care management facilities and the behavioral health organizations to prevent any future threats.

Main characters

Three main characters

Samurai Cory

Chester Roberts II (チェスター・ロバーツ・二世), also known as Samurai Cory (侍コーリー) is the main protagonist of the story. He is a 26 year old graphic designer and comic/manga artist who can speak Japanese moderately (but not yet fluent). He has been staying home doing nothing other than playing video games, as he would violently lash out when he was told what to do until he looked himself in the mirror and finally made a decision that would shape his life forever. Cory always wears ultra baggy clothing, allowing his upper and lower body to breathe with ease, and his spiky red hair is always tied to a spiked ponytail. He consistently wears an oversized short-sleeved plaid shirt, an oversized light blue T-shirt with the kanji samurai (侍) on it, and ultra baggy cargo shorts. His ultimate goal is to move to Tokyo, Japan (which is a foreign country) to find a wife and have adopted children, as well as having a better life rather than the United States due to high crime and divorce rates, as he wants his future adopted children to be independent in Japan rather than the United States. His oversized always-untied high top sneakers always make a distinctive flopping noise on the floor/ground, no matter what surface he walks or runs on and always catches the attention of (attractive) young women, which he sometimes runs away from.

Kaila Lewis

Kaila Lewis (カイラ・ルイス) is Cory’s 14-year-old overalls-clad tomboyish niece and traveling companion, who always accompanies him on his adventures. She attends Manhokyo High School as she is the only student who does not wear a Japanese school uniform. Kaila does not allow the behavioral health organizations and care management facilities to approach or touch her uncle. Her younger sister Kamille wears pink and purple, while Kaila wears green (which complements her black Vans tennis shoes). Kaila doesn’t know Mr. Roberts (her uncle’s father) very well, despite she is the eventual granddaughter.

Matt Namikawa

Matthew Namikawa (波川 マシュー), also known as Matt (マット) is a 753-year-old Japanese-Canadian anthropomorphic red fox. He has black spiky hair, green eyes, wears a blue, unbuttoned, short-sleeved plaid shirt, tube socks, and Adidas Superstar tennis shoes. He is Cory and Kaila’s mentor and life coach. Taking the appearance of a 30-year-old, Matt teaches them how to use behavior modification and self-development after he received a call from a desperate Mr. Roberts in order to stop the care management facilities and the behavioral health organizations from capturing one of his students. He also owns the abandoned Glory Dragneel Theme Park, where Cory and Kaila often hang out.

Supporting characters

Mr. Roberts

Chester Roberts Sr. (チェスター・ロバーツ・シニア) also known as Mr. Roberts (ミスター・ロバーツ), is Cory’s 52-year-old Jamaican (later retconned as Jamaican-American) father and Kaila’s eventual paternal grandfather, as well as a residential and commercial painter. Mr. Roberts desperately calls Matt about sending his son and his granddaughter to Manhokyo to teach them behavior modification and self-development. His son tells him as he wants to eliminate the behavioral health organizations and care management facilities (including the case manager) to prevent any future threats, he must prove that he can do stuff on his own instead of using negativity, laziness, binge gaming, or violence. He wears an outfit that is very similar to Indiana Jones when he is not at work.

Meagan Sinanan

Meagan Sinanan (メガン・シナナン) is Kaila and Kamille’s 20-year-old cheery cousin who often uses her telekinesis rather than physically touching the items and her metaphysics (very similar to the Force in the Star Wars franchise), and is a powerful mage. She uses her wooden walking stick as a flying object (which is very similar to Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service), as she can actually fly as opposed to walking/running or using public transportation. Megan has long black hair that is always tied to a ponytail and green eyes. She wears an outfit that is very similar to Sherman from Mr. Peabody and Sherman (sans glasses) and the only thing that’s (slightly) dirty is her white Converse high top sneakers that are always untied, which she never bothers to clean them.

Kamille Lewis

Kamille Lewis (カミーラ・ルイス) is Kaila’s 12-year-old brainy younger sister and Cory’s younger niece. She is always busy studying in school but makes occasional appearances in the comic. Unlike her older sister who is a tomboy, Kamille always wears pink and purple and wears glasses. She has black hair that is always tied to a ponytail and blue eyes. Kamille wears a pink T-shirt with the kanji hime (姫) on it, meaning “princess”, purple worker’s baggy jumpsuit with a single pink stripe on the knees as pants (much like the Hagane no Renkinjutsushi/Fullmetal Alchemist character Winry Rockbell), and pink Converse high top sneakers.

Makoto and Hiro

Makoto (マコト) and Hiro (ヒロ) are Kaila’s male best friends, both of which are Japanese who attend the same classroom as Kaila. Makoto sometimes asks Cory why he still has a case manager and instructor as Hiro doesn’t ask Cory questions that much.

Daniel Sakagami

Daniel Sakagami (坂上 ダニエル Sakagami Danieru) is a rare male case manager who owns the fictional Sakagami Care Management facility and the Manhokyo Behavioral Health organization. He wants his client Cory to take classes or find jobs, both of which he often refuses. Matt often rats Daniel out by either slapping him or kneeing him in the stomach in order to protect his pupils from approaching or interacting with him.


Prologue + Chapter 1: Eliminating the Behavioral Health Services

Cory and Kaila arrived in Manhokyo via an Uber car, as Matt will pay for the fare for the two via his smartphone. Matt will teach the uncle-and-niece duo how to use behavior modification and self-development in order to prevent the care management facilities and behavioral health organizations from approaching them.

Chapter 2

Not yet available.

Chapter 3

Not yet available.

Chapter 4

Not yet available.

Final Chapter + Epilogue

Not yet available.


  • Cory always ties his shoelaces with the “Ian Knot”, as opposed to his niece’s “bunny ears” method.
  • Kaila’s socks and off-white Converse All Star high top sneakers are very similar to Sherman’s from the Mr. Peabody and Sherman film.
  • In the webcomic’s logo, the two characters predominately wear the color of their top clothing: Cory wears baby blue, Kaila wears green.
  • Despite Kaila knowing how to tie her own shoelaces, she prefers to leave her shoelaces untied on her natural white Converse All-Stars, as her tube socks and high top sneakers are very similar to Sherman’s from the Mr. Peabody and Sherman film.
  • Kaila’s father (Earl) is Jamaican and her mother (Jo) is Trinidadian, despite her American nationality.
  • Kaila doesn’t like sushi, or any other Japanese food as opposed to her uncle who likes Japanese food.
  • Cory and Kaila are seen hugging each other as an alternative to kissing.
  • Kaila is always seen in her uncle’s arms, also as an alternative to kissing (like the picture on the left), due to the fact kissing in public is uncomfortable in Japan.
  • Cory doesn’t like socks that have gray parts on the heels/toes as he prefers tube socks that have no gray parts on the heels/toes. Also, he doesn’t like tattoos or body piercings.
  • Cory and Kaila doesn’t seem to have pajamas other than the clothes that they actually wear (and also to sleep in).
  • Kaila always has her hair tied into a ponytail, even when sleeping (except when she wears a baseball cap on occasions).
  • This will be the first time that Kaila is permanently wearing high top sneakers instead of her oversized worn-out boots that have frayed shoelace ends.
  • Kamille is the only character in the comic to wear pink and purple, and the only character to wear a jumpsuit.