8 Facts about Yours Truly (including the things that a comic/manga artist and graphic designer should have)

I’m going to talk about the facts about yours truly as I started Samurai Fox Studio (formerly Long Hachimaki Studio) in 2013.

1. You don’t have to go to college or university to be successful.

I was put into a special school rather than a normal school because I was too smart for the mainstream schools, but the downside is that people who have graduated from special school cannot go to top colleges. Millions upon millions of dreams will be crushed by the false hype being spewed off by high school counselors, university marketing departments, and the federal government. Many young adults will end up with huge amounts of student debt (around 40–80K USD, sometimes 100–160K USD). College won’t teach you to be successful. No, I’m not unemployed, and no, I’m not a Trump supporter.

You don’t need a college degree to own a business and/or permanent visa to live in a foreign country (this also includes for Americans and Canadians living in Japan to shorten the wait by achieving 70–80 points or more for the HSP program or have married to a Japanese national for three years, without the intent of giving up their original citizenship). I rather keep my American citizenship if I get a permanent resident card for Japan, to describe myself as “an American who speaks Japanese”.

Everyone has a Patreon and Ko-fi

Nowadays everyone has a Patreon and Ko-fi. These said crowdfunding giants allow us to support ourselves from our fanbase so we can purchase better equipment (such as a new computer, a screen tablet, some anime/video game figurines to display in our studio (details later)…) move out of our parents’ home, and pay bills and rent.

2. I always portray myself as a half-Japanese/half-American mid-to-late 1990s teenage kitsune.

You can use your anime/manga version of yourself as an avatar instead of using a real photo of yourself. You can still be identified, no matter what your avatar identifies as (human, kitsune, anthropomorphic fox…). You can read this article to get more information about my avatar.

Samurai Cory, really?

I chose that pen name myself instead of using my real name as many webcomic readers (including teen males) might not want to read a manga-stylized webcomic written and illustrated by an African-American man.

I’m learning Japanese with Duolingo

I’m a native English speaker but I do speak Japanese (moderately, but not yet fluent) as I use Duolingo. In the past I used Smart.fm (offline) and My Japanese Coach for the DS (not in stock anymore). I would name my characters using American, Canadian, or Japanese given names and often give them Japanese surnames as well.

The reason why I’m permanently leaving the United States for Tokyo, Japan to find safer harbors is because of the high crime and divorce rates (both race and ethnicity dependent) as well as ongoing Trump riots.

3. I’m a comic/manga artist and graphic designer.

I spend most of my time using Clip Studio Paint for drawing my characters and my webcomics and Adobe Photoshop for the text and sound effects in my webcomics, logos, and graphic design. I use a Wacom Intuos Medium tablet to draw digitally. For traditional art tools I use a sketchbook, Prismacolor art markers and Premier illustration markers, Tombow calligraphy pens, Staedtler mechanical pencils, a ruler, a Faber-Castell dust-free eraser, and Sakura Gelly Roll white pens (for adding shines to the eyes and anything that may be impossible to leave some white on certain clothing). Martial arts, urban fantasy, and adventure are recurring themes in my comics/manga.

I am planning to do the following:

  • Purchase a refurbished iMac from eBay (Update: Purchased an iMac from PC Richard (2017 model), since the 2015 model on eBay is slower)
  • Purchase fonts from the MyFonts website (Blambot first), as the free font sites are being replaced with pay ones due to quality and change in manga/graphic design/illustration landscape
  • Upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Upgrade to Clip Studio Paint EX (since I still have the physical copy, and I will have to upgrade it)
  • Purchase an XP-PEN Artist Display 22E Pro

You don’t have to use DeviantArt to be successful either. DeviantArt has been deleting and relocating everybody’s deviations for either copyright infringement or other violations and will suspend or permanently ban users from that site.

4. I always wear baggy clothing.

With JNCO returning with new management, the brand is still in the process of returning back to its original roots (possibly summer). The previous launch of JNCO was executed by a licensee, unrelated to the original founders.

The 40 inch (101 cm) and 50 inch (127 cm) jeans often look very similar to a hakama (or a naga-bakama), as some people think I look like a martial artist. I also wear baggy cargo shorts that always go past the knees. I never sag them. You shouldn’t do that either. No one wants to see your underwear.


I always wear T-shirts that are 3XL (and 5XL), including plaid shirts which are always worn open. I never wear any hoodies at all. I prefer to wear vintage tube socks rather than Hanes or Fruit of the Loom as their socks always have the gray heel and toe parts (which are not made for Teva sandals).

Sneakers and sandals

Photo by Andrew Itaga on Unsplash
Image by Izzy Glam from Pixabay
Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash
Photo by Avery Richardson on Unsplash

I prefer to wear Converse, Adidas, or Vans. I want to complete my sneaker collection, including the Converse high tops (black, gray, red, white, and blue), Vans Old Skools, Adidas Superstars, and Teva sandals (Universal and Hurricane, both black).

Characters in my works wear oversized Converse, Adidas, or Vans as their oversized sneakers make a distinctive flopping noise on the floor/ground (see Author Appeal), no matter what surface they are walking or running on. The onomatopoeia “floppa” (フロッパ), meaning the characters’ oversized sneakers always make a distinctive flopping noise, will appear frequently in my comics and is considered my trademark. Despite all this, they will always have normal-sized feet when wearing Teva sandals, uwabaki, or not wearing any shoes, as they don’t have problems wearing oversized sneakers.

The only shoes that they don’t make a flopping noise are the oversized house slippers, and the only shoes that they aren’t oversized are the uwabaki, dress shoes, and Teva sandals.


Yamcha from Dragon Ball. Property of Akira Toriyama / Bird Studio / Shueisha / Funimation Entertainment (US/Canadian license) / Toei Animation

I’m going to end going to the barbershop permanently, and also end haircuts to look less like a black person (I’m a straight male). I rather comb and wash my hair as I am learning how to take care of my hair. You know yours truly want to have long hair and also use hair care products rather than using hair dye (hair straighteners are considered unisex, not just for women). Long hair and spiky hair on men (no matter what their race or ethnicity) does not mean that they are freaks. It makes them look more awesome. You may want to read this article about this guy’s crazy hairstyle. In recent months there is a Japanese baby who has exploding hair named Baby Chanco.

You need to let people express themselves how they want to be (including their hairstyle and their style of fashion). You can’t force anyone to be the way you want them to be. This applies to today the same as it did in the 1980s/1990s. Style will evolve, and that’s up to them and only them to figure out what they like and what they don’t like.

5. I’m not single.

I just want to find a Japanese national wife and want to have the concept of marriage without any religion (as some religions may prohibit foreign marriages or those who want to leave their native country). I don’t need religion. Not having a religion does not mean that they would commit a crime as my dad wanted adopted grandkids (rather than childbirth).

6. I’m starting to collect anime/video game figurines.

Every graphic designer and comic/manga artist will need figurines to display in my studio — I’m only collecting seven of them — I’m not an otaku.

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

I want to collect them to protect my newly-purchased iMac (as of 2019 due to Windows 7 ending in early 2020) from nerfherders for any suspicious activity. I have been confronting with my dad, but I’m going to confront my mom and my brother about the past and stop the fights immediately so we can strengthen relationships so I can purchase my own Switch games to keep them in my studio. You can find them on Amazon, Good Smile Company, GameStop… yeah, collecting figurines from anime or video games are a [expensive] hobby.

7. I often use Nintendo consoles.

As my younger brother owns a Nintendo Switch (which I don’t have time to use nowadays due to a busy schedule), he allowed me to use it when he’s away. Puyo Puyo Tetris will be my first Switch game (and also the game that is not owned by my brother) which will be kept in my studio as he needs permission to play it.

If I do get my own Switch if I permanently leave the states, I will be able to use my own Switch in my studio. You can also have a Japanese account because Switch is region-free. I phased out of PC gaming and will be selling all my PC games on eBay. Sony (PlayStation 3) and Microsoft’s (Xbox 360, Xbox One) online services are overpriced, they cost up to 60 USD a year. Nintendo Switch Online costs 20 USD a year.

8. Single… double… triple… TETRIS!!! (and also, Puyo Puyo)

I’m still learning Puyo Puyo if I want to get the above-named Switch game as I moved on to puzzle games such as Puyo Puyo and Tetris (which is my “comfort” video game). Puyo Puyo Tetris now has the English cast as opposed to the aptly-named Puyo Pop Fever (note that Ringo Ando is wearing a different school uniform instead of the outfit she normally wears in her first appearance (Puyo Puyo 7), despite the fact that only a few games left Japan). Compile originally owned the Puyo Puyo franchise before the company sold the series to Sega.

Image by Tien Vu from Pixabay