FAQ — Samurai Fox Studio

Tools, commissions, and personal

Photo by Joshua Hanks on Unsplash

Something not in the FAQ? Email me at coryrobertsintokyo@gmail.com

1. Tools and Programs

What software and hardware do you use to make comics, illustrations, and graphic designs?

I spend a lot of time with Clip Studio Paint to draw comics and illustrations and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for graphic designs, logos, and (the latter for) the text and sound effects for comics (due to the fact that CSP can’t edit text once it has been rasterized/transformed and lacks OpenType features), with an Wacom Intuos Pro Medium tablet.

I am upgrading to the XP-PEN Artist Display 22E Pro this year to replace all Wacom tablets, and upgrade to Adobe CC due to CS6 is deader than three doornails (and officially ends in early 2020).

What are your traditional tools?

I use Staedtler mechanical pencils (925 05), Prismacolor Premier pens, Tombow Brush pens (hard and soft), Prismacolor Art Markers (set of 48), Sakura Gelly Roll white pens, and Staedtler Art Markers (not used often).

What software do you use to stream or make videos?

OBS Studio and Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

Since Magix now owns most of the Vegas Movie Studio and Vegas Pro as it is only available on the Windows platform, I’m going to replace it with Adobe Premiere CC.

So you’re using a Mac exclusively? Do you have a reason for moving to a Mac?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Microsoft banned foul language on the services they either owned or acquired (including Skype, Xbox Live, and inexplicably Office) last year, and every Windows product has a lifecycle, which tells you when your Windows operating system ends. Recently, Microsoft has a new rule about trash talking on Xbox Live. Learn more.

2. Art, webcomics, and graphic design related

How did you learn to draw or design? What are your influences?

I am self-taught. I never went to college or university. I’ve been drawing all my life since I was 16 but never stopped. If you want the influences on how I developed my own art style, you can click here (it’s better to list them rather than using this shindig).

Do you have a DeviantArt account?

No. Not anymore. You can see why you should stay away from DeviantArt forever as you don’t want to end up having your work removed from that site.

Do you offer any NSFW/lewd content?

No. I will not offer any NSFW or lewd content at all. Let’s try to keep everything all ages and 12/13+ as much as possible. If the male character is wearing a trench coat or a vest that is always unbuttoned exposing their chest and/or not wearing a shirt, that’s not NSFW or lewd content at all. The same would go for male anthropomorphic fox and cat characters in my works are always either pantsless (wears only a vest or plaid shirt that is always worn open) or wear overalls. A lot of manga artists often skip drawing the nipples. Learn more.

Can I use your artwork as a desktop or smartphone/tablet background, Twitter header, etc.?

Only if you give me credit and not profiting my artwork! Reposting anything that isn’t yours can damage the artist and graphic design community.

If you see any of my works reposted, email me with the following:

  • The link(s) to where the works were stolen
  • The link(s) to where the original(s) are
  • Include any information if the artwork is traced over, selling, using, or copying
  • Include the screenshots (optional)

I will analyze the situation and get in contact with that person if needed, or I can toss a DMCA complaint on that person.

Why do you always make your characters’ sneakers in your works (high tops, tennis shoes) noticeably oversized? They look somewhat like clown shoes.

Short answer: To make the characters in my works look more awesome.

Long answer: Their shoes/sneakers are modeled after Mr. Warburton (KND), Craig McCracken (PPG, FHFIF, Wander over Yonder), and classic Looney Tunes cartoons. If the character is wearing Converse high-top sneakers, Adidas Superstars, or Vans Old Skool tennis shoes, they always make a distinctive flopping noise on the floor/ground whenever he/she walks or runs on any surface. The only footwear that does not make a distinctive flopping noise and is not oversized are Teva sandals, uwabaki (indoor shoes for schools in Japan), and geta sandals. This is why I enjoy drawing oversized sneakers (high tops, tennis shoes) on the characters I draw.

Do you write the comics in both English and Japanese, or just English?

English most times, but I will include the Japanese versions as well.

Where can I find your commission information?

You can find it here, or you can click on the navigation link at the very top.

Are there any plans to purchase any commercial fonts for your webcomic and/or graphic design projects?

There are plans to purchase commercial fonts, from the MyFonts website and the Blambot website. Visiting free font sites are becoming a minority these days due to the change in graphic design/webcomic landscape, as sometimes free fonts are labeled as personal use only and cannot be used commercially unless the fee or donation is paid. The only exceptions are Typodermic Fonts, Misprinted Type, and a few font designers who still offer free fonts.

Why are the main characters in your works are children/teenagers?

In reality, many of the shonen/shojo anime and manga (including video games) are usually under 18 years old. So the main characters in my works are between the ages of 12 and 19 years old.

3. Personal

Are you male or female? Sexual orientation?

Straight American male. I am not single.

Describe your self-portrait.

You can view this post here. There’s also plans that I’m permanently ending haircuts permanently to be “less of a black person”.

Are you Japanese?

No, but I do speak the language (which I am not yet fluent). I did learn Japanese with the now-retired Smart.fm, then moved on to My Japanese Coach for the DS (very hard to find these days). I now use Duolingo.

Why do you often dress like a 1990s teenager? Why do you want to have a crazy hairstyle like an anime/manga character?

I often wear ultra baggy clothing (T-shirts, jeans, shorts) and vintage tube socks. I also wear sneakers (Converse, Adidas, Vans) and sometimes Teva sandals worn with socks. In Japan, there’s always a genkan (where they remove their shoes before entering houses or temples and put shoes on when they leave houses or temples).

The haircuts have had a long run these days, so I will have to learn how to take care of my hair when I use a hair straightener as the days of visiting black barbershops will come to a permanent end (which is to cut off any racial remarks and becoming a stereotype).


Dude… I prefer to leave my Converse high tops untied (and they are easier to fix a broken heart). Removing shoes before entering is a Japanese tradition.

12 or 24-hour (military) format?

24-hour format.

4. Miscellaneous

Can I draw your characters from your comics you’ve designed?

Of course! No need to ask for permission, but please make sure that you don’t draw anything that is lewd or NSFW (or add the “18+” in your YouTube thumbnail, as many artists who designed the characters for western animation, anime/manga, webcomics, video games, American/Canadian comics, and/or animated films often get disturbed by lewd or NSFW content and sometimes report them to keep the characters and/or their franchise from declining in popularity). Remember to credit me (if you’re posting outside of the sites I am on): samuraicory.carrd.co.

If you post it on Twitter, tag me as @Samurai_Cory so I can see your artwork!

You often eschew a lot of western games (Mortal Kombat, Fallout, Assasin’s Creed…). Why do you say that?

The major downside is that the western video game developers (who do not have any offices in Japan) have little to no chance of exporting their games to the Japanese market (and can be very expensive to export and have foreign dub voice acting!).

What are your friend codes (Nintendo only)?

  • 3DS (American/Canadian): 1822–4915–7852 (not used anymore)
  • Switch NA Account: Coming soon
  • Switch JP Account: Coming soon