How to eliminate the case manager completely

Chester Roberts II
Aug 24, 2018 · 7 min read

Care management facilities, including case managers, can force us to take classes and take the “traditional” path, both of which can have a peer pressure and ruin everyone’s career. They can also force everyone to shut down their businesses and damage everyone’s future. We all need a rags to riches story, not end up in a dead-end, 9 to 5 low-paying job or going to college.

As a graphic designer, comic/manga artist and illustrator, I am not a traditional person and I can do stuff on my own, such as finding a wife outside my race (as I am learning Japanese) and other things. You can prevent the case manager from forcing you to take the traditional path if you follow these steps on how to eliminate the case manager and the care management facility (the name of the case manager and the organization are completely withheld for privacy reasons).

The article is split into four sections:

  • Why you need a case manager to help you
  • Why you must use behavior modification
  • What you need to prove that you can do stuff on your own
  • The process of telling your case manager, “I don’t give a fuck!”

Why you need a case manager to help you

The case manager visits you regularly if you still live with your parents, including that he/she will ask you to take classes, find a job (in the corporate area), go to college, a wife, or a local place to live because you often stay home and do nothing other than mindlessly browsing the internet or playing video games for extended periods of time (which causes video game addiction).

Taking the traditional path is a very bad idea

Care management facilities are considered as evil organizations. We have a powerful hatred for having a case manager. The organization can help an individual pay for college, bills or rent, or subscription services such as the Creative Cloud or Amazon Prime.

My dad never approved of having a case manager, as he wants me to have a rags to riches story rather than going to college or a 9–5 job. Go find Tony Robbins books in your local library (you can also find YouTube videos made by Project Life Mastery (Stefan James) or Game Quitters for those who are addicted to video games). Self-development is what everyone wants to take (including yours truly).

You don’t need college

Not many graphic designers, manga/comic artists, and illustrators hold any degrees or have went to college. That’s why I never went to college after graduating from special school. You might want to take a look at Game Quitters founder Cam Adair: He was addicted to video gaming, dropped out of high school twice and never graduated or went to college, and his life was a complete mess. Take a look at why he quit gaming for more than 5 years. Don’t be a stereotype. Man the fuck up.

Why you must use behavior modification

We never got any further contact with the behavioral health organization as of 2018, but we’re not going to come in contact with them anymore.

Violence cannot be used at all

You need to use behavior modification by talking things out (including what you disagree with) without having to use violence. The use of “begone” (which means go away) is definitely not a violent word as we use that word. The care management facilities and the case managers must know that everyone has a Patreon and Ko-fi nowadays, as well as the following that:

  • They see a lot of content creators on the internet who are active and make money on the internet.
  • They see a lot of YouTube creators who are active.
  • They see a lot of people who are less traditional (and also less stereotypical) who want to have wild hair.
  • They see a lot of internet entrepreneurs (six or seven figure, it depends).
  • They see a lot of webcomic artists, graphic designers, and type designers who are active (including manga artists).
  • They see a lot of people who started their own businesses.

The care management facility must know that the above can and will gain our independence on what we do as many would often quit their low-paying day jobs or drop out of college. You don’t have to go all Hulk for this. If you use behavior modification without having to use violence, you can talk things out to your case manager as you will continue to deny the case manager’s request about taking classes. You may report the case manager to your local police or file a restraining order against the case manager, if needed (do not press charges).

Pro Tip: Owning a business at and working from home are not considered laziness.

You do not need religion

Not having a religion does not mean that you will be violent (including smoking or drinking) but it allows you to marry a national that is not your actual nationality and move to a foreign country to escape Trump’s America. The reasons for that are the following:

  • Ongoing Trump riots
  • High crime and divorce rates (race and ethnicity dependent)
  • School shootings (race and ethnicity dependent)

A degree is not actually required for a business visa or a permanent visa (this only applies to US citizens who live in Canada or Japan). For Japan, the wait can be shortened for a permanent visa instead of waiting for the traditional 10 years to get a permanent visa. We want our parents to be less strict about our fashion sense (which does not include anyone who sag their trousers, have any tattoos or body piercings), including wearing Teva sandals with tube socks.

Pro Tip: Not having a religion also does not mean that they will commit a crime.

What you need to prove that you can do stuff on your own

What you must do with your life is to put away your childish things and not act like a child anymore. You need to start looking in the mirror (either your room or the bathroom) and make decisions.

Being lazy is not a good idea for the industry

Sometimes we need to take breathers when we need to relax. Everyone has their Candy Crush Saga game on their iPhone or iPad. We have our own businesses at home and we don’t need jobs nor college degrees.

What you need to do is to prove that the case manager (or the care management facility) is very wrong and tell them what you do for a living instead of being lazy. This includes the following, as stated above. They also need to know that the above will do the following, such as paying bills and/or rent, including subscription services, buying better computer equipment (and better software, including the fonts what they want to buy for their next project), buying more clothes to fill their closet (and food to fill the fridge), and moving out of their parents’ home (due to parents retiring).

Try to be more understandable

Don’t use peer pressure. Many YouTube videos would start with “Hi, my name is <given name or alias> of <name of company he/she owns>…” (or similar). We all need to be funny as we say “Looks like <insert Japanese voice actor/actress here> (for example, Yuu Asakawa, Showtaro Morikubo’s ex-wife) just gave you the finger!”

Do we have to pull any M-rated games (ESRB)? No (unless your parents often objected the idea if you are under 17). We do not need to live in a virtual world because video game addiction will allow any test to receive a failing grade. Peer pressure + case manager = bad karma.

The process of telling your case manager, “I don’t give a fuck!”

When the case manager asks that you want to take classes, you would ask them that, “No, I just don’t give a fuck!” and “I ain’t havin’ that shit!”. We don’t need any help from any case manager or the care management facility who would fuck up our careers as we need to get our hands dirty. Don’t forget to force them to remove your name from the care management facilities’ client list and have their contact details removed/blocked access from their phones so you won’t ever hear them again, ever.

We have high-end equipment such as digital tablets and software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint, including video editing software such as Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere.

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Thanks for reading, Samurai Cory out.

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Samurai Fox Studio

Graphic design, illustration, and webcomic studio by Samurai Cory. His art is full of spiky-haired teenagers, tomboys, and anthropomorphic foxes and cats who wear ultra-baggy clothing and oversized tennis shoes. Don’t forget to take off your shoes!