Red and Kitsune, Red’s Planet, and You…

There is another webcomic going by the name of Red’s Planet (written and drawn by the ex-Disney story artist Eddie Pittman), which the said title and Red and Kitsune possibly confuses his readers (and is possibly trademarked). Both characters are nicknamed “Red”. Both versions (and the title) are completely unrelated. I am the writer and illustrator of the unsuccessful webcomic Red and Kitsune (the webcomic was posted on Tumblr and, formerly known as Tapastic) — but it was later ended after it failed to get more readers due to working with my dad.

In the respect for Mr. Pittman, the author/illustrator of the award-winning webcomic/graphic novel sci-fi series Red’s Planet, I will remove R&K and its assets from Behance (likely to avoid any confusion between my protagonist and his protagonist — both of which are nicknamed “Red” — and copyright issues) as it won’t be a part of the portfolio, and bring it right here on Medium.

L → R: Hikari “Red” Mitsuji, Ryo “Kitsune” Matsumoto, Daniel Mizoguchi III, and Brooke Matsumoto
The characters, including Haruka Sugaya and Emily, 2013
Red and Kitsune are cousins, not mother and son.

Hopefully, Mr. Pittman’s law firm(s) and his online defamation attorney(s) will not toss a takedown notice or a C&D letter on me. That’s all you need to know. You can view the assets of the comic here (for archival purposes only). Thanks for understanding.

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