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The time has finally arrived. The moment we have all been waiting for. We have been working tirelessly for months to reach this milestone and we are proud to announce that the launch of Samurai 2.0 is here!

Samurai 2.0 will come with tons of new (and some old) features such as our Samurai Launchpad; our Samurai Sanka platform which includes Samurai Partner Quests, Samurai Prediction Markets, and Samurai Lottery; a new token, $SAM, that acts as the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem; and SamNFT — your access pass to all these cool new features.

To kick things off, let’s give you the lowdown on SamNFT — all important information including how you can get your hands on one (and the accompanying $SAM token airdrop) are all right here!

What is SamNFT?

SamNFT is your all-inclusive, lifetime access pass to the entire Samurai Starter ecosystem. The 5,000 NFT series will be minted on the Base blockchain and will be packed with utility and value for those who mint one… or more than one if you are so inclined. SamNFT holders benefit tremendously just by holding the NFT — in fact, we are going to go out on a limb and say that the SamNFT is one of the most, if not the most, value-driven NFT on the market (yeah, we said it).

What kind of value can you can expect to gain from minting and holding the SamNFT? We are glad you asked!

Lifetime Launchpad Access

Enjoy lifetime access to all token offerings on Samurai Starter. No need to buy and stake costly launchpad tokens; No more token staking tiers; Minimal barriers to entry. SamNFT gives you equal access to token offerings from the most innovative and hyped startups in the crypto space.

$SAM Airdrop

Our loyalty reward token, $SAM, is scheduled to launch in Q4 2023 on Base. Purchase a SamNFT during the minting period to be eligible to receive a generous share of the total supply of $SAM tokens. For every 1,000 SamNFTs minted, we will add 5% of the total supply of $SAM to the SamNFT airdrop according to the following schedule:

If all 5,000 SamNFTs are minted, we will boost the value of everyone’s SamNFT by providing an additional 5% of the $SAM supply to minters giving you a whopping 30% of the total supply of $SAM!

Cashback Rewards

We love loyalty and want to reward it! SamNFT holders who participate in token offerings on Samurai Starter are eligible to receive cashback rewards in the form of $SAM tokens. The more you participate, the higher you climb the SAM Ladder (the global ranking of $SAM earners), the more $SAM rewards you earn. Climb the SAM Ladder to earn up to 5% cashback on all token offerings on Samurai Starter.

SamNFT Rentals

Not interested in participating in an upcoming token offering? Want to earn some passive income from your SamNFT? Holders can offer their SamNFTs for rent on our in-house SamNFT Rental Marketplace. Set your desired price and length of time of the rental and lease your SamNFT to non-holders who may want to participate in token offerings, but do not want to risk waiting for a public round. They rent your SamNFT to participate in their desired token offering and you make a little extra $SAM on the side!

VIP Access to Samurai Sanka

Samurai Sanka is our upcoming community interaction platform. It includes a Partner Quest Platform, Prediction Markets, Lotteries and many more entertaining applications that will allow you to utilize your $SAM rewards and become high-value participants. As a SamNFT holder, you receive special VIP perks including reward boosts for participating on Sanka. You can expect to Sanka applications to begin to rollout in Q4 this year.

Eligibility for special giveaways

When Samurai Starter brings in new projects for either our accelerator program, crowdfunding platform or other services, we always aim to acquire ‘freebies’ to provide to our community whether they be tokens, NFTs, or some other digital gifts. As a SamNFT holder, you will be immediately eligible to receive such gifts from our partners and others.

DAO Governance Rights

As SamNFT holders, the decision to launch a project is in your hands. The number of holders who express interest in a token offering will determine whether we launch the project and the size of the allocation we secure so that anyone who is interested can get the token allotment they desire.

These are just a few of the utilities provided by the SamNFT. We are delighted that you are going to join us on this journey and we will always strive to bring more and more value and benefits to our early SamNFT supporters.

How can I mint SamNFT?

Long-time Samurai Starter supporters and newcomers alike can secure their spots as lifetime members of Samurai Starter by minting SamNFT on OpenSea (link to be provided) on the Base blockchain.

OG Free mintoors (Check your wallet eligibility here), Galxe contest winners (campaign coming soon), and public participants (price of 0.1 ETH) can mint as many SamNFTs as their hearts desire with each additional SamNFT priced at a very reasonable 0.1 ETH.

Please note that SamNFTs regardless of round will be minted on a first-come, first-served basis so OGs and public round participants alike are advised to be quick on the trigger on minting day to ensure they get their SamNFT with all the tremendous perks accompanying it.

Use of Funds

All funds raised through the public mint of the SamNFT will be cycled back to you — our Samurai Starter community. We will use 70% of all funds raised to provide liquidity for the $SAM token and kickstart our ve(3,3) flywheel on Aerodrome. We will purchase and max lock a sizeable amount of $AERO tokens. This will ensure that we are able to cement absolutely incredible APR for our SAM-ETH liquidity providers on the DEX through our own voting power. We will also use the funds to buy back $SAM to be used to bribe $AERO lockers to vote for the SAM-ETH pair so that our liquidity providers receive $AERO token emissions. We expect to have enough bribing power to last a minimum of three years.

The remaining 30% of funds raised will be used for ecosystem development and growth. We will build out Samurai Sanka and provide you with plenty more opportunities to utilize your $SAM tokens and earn.

ALL FUNDS WILL BE STORED IN A MULTI-SIG WALLET to ensure that they are deployed for their intended purposes.

Coming Soon!

  1. New Platform Launch (DONE)
  2. $SAM token introductory article
  3. An explainer article on ve(3,3) DEXs and our goals on Aerodrome
  4. SamNFT mint
  5. New token offerings
  6. The launch of Samurai Sanka

Stay tuned to our X (Twitter) and Telegram channels for complete minting details in the lead up to the SamNFT launch date.

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