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The 18 months that Samurai has been on the launchpad scene has been a learning experience for each and every member of the Samurai team. We have reached some incredible highs, but also suffered some terrible lows. Every step of the journey has provided us with learning moments that we can use to improve our processes and our product offerings to better serve you — our faithful Samurai community. As we move forward into a new era of Samurai, allow us to clarify our goals and ambitions for what Samurai means moving forward.

Core Tenet #1 — The Samurai Community

The Samurai community is the focus of everything we do at Samurai. With every IDO we offer, every partnership we secure, every future development we undertake — the community will be the focus of future endeavors. The question we will always ask ourselves is: What value does this add for the Samurai community?

We have been exploring a number of new features that will not only add value for our current community, but also attract a host of new members to our platform. One such feature is Samurai Galaxy, a launchpad alliance that allows our stakers to participate in IDOs on partner launchpads without staking their tokens and vice versa. We have received a lot of interest in The Galaxy to date and aim to announce some new partners soon.

Other value-add features that we will rollout in the coming weeks include an IDO insurance policy, a HODL fund for IDO participants, ‘real yield’ staking rewards… as well as an AIRDROP of a new Samurai token that will be packed with utility — for you.

Core Tenet #2 — Innovation

Samurai is going to focus on bringing the most innovative projects and platforms in the blockchain and Web3 spaces for our community’s investment. We will request feedback from the community on certain investment opportunities while incentivizing the community to introduce exciting projects to our platform.

Aside from innovative projects, we want to be innovation leaders in the launchpad space. People can easily notice that there are issues with the current IDO system across ALL launchpads. We will explore ways to improve the system and make the process a win-win for all stakeholders — the Samurai platform, partner projects, and — most importantly — the Samurai community.

Core Tenet #3 — Fiscal responsibility

Everyone knows the crypto market is cyclical. Bear markets kill projects left, right, and center. One of the first orders of business for our new and improved Samurai will be to build a project treasury to ensure our platform’s long-term survival.

Once the treasury is built up to an acceptable level, we will aim to add more features to the platform and offer real yield for our token LP providers. Launching a new token also incurs costs so once the treasury is built up, we will then look to launch the new Samurai token that will be airdropped to $CFi stakers. This won’t happen tomorrow or next week, but it is something that is in the pipeline.

Moving Forward

We will maintain the name Samurai as we have built up some brand equity, but we will now be named Samurai Starter to better reflect our position as a one-stop, full service crypto project accelerator.

As a project accelerator, we offer support to blockchain startups in everything crypto. Some of our services include:

  • Documentation preparation and review — whitepaper, pitch deck, one-pager and so on
  • Tokenomics design and token utility analysis
  • Fundraising connections through our network of VC and launchpad partners
  • Marketing support through our in-house social channels and partner connections
  • Community building support
  • Token launch support — Samurai Launchpad, CEX connections, market maker connections
  • Go-to-market strategy advice and implementation
  • Post-launch marketing and community support

We have already gained considerable traction in advising start-up projects and forging these connections. When I began as biz dev manager with Samurai, we had a deal flow partnership with ONE venture capitalist. In the past three months, we have grown that list to 26 VC partners and we have the goal to add 2–3 to the list each and every week. These connections will be key to us attracting the very best projects to Samurai Launchpad.

These accelerator services provide new and more sustainable revenue streams for Samurai Starter and the plan is to have the value from these activities funnelled to our community through real yield staking rewards, token burns, and other value-add activities — once the treasury is in place.

It is a new era at Samurai Starter. My name is Paul (You may also call me Ham) and you can find me on Telegram here. Let’s embark on this new journey together.

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