Samurai Starter — SamNFT Final Round UPDATE

Important updates and timelines regarding SamNFT

Samurai Starter


First of all, we at Samurai Starter would like to say we have been delighted with the response to the launch of our SamNFT mint. Your support for our team and our vision of the Samurai Starter platform has been fantastic! Thank you for the vote of confidence. We are working tirelessly to ensure that your trust in us is well placed.

With the SamNFT mint progressing well, and the holiday season in the rearview mirror, it is now time to accelerate things as we prepare for the launch of our $SAM token on Base Blockchain!

Let’s get to some important updates!

SamNFT — final round ongoing

The SamNFT mint continues on You still have time to gain lifetime guaranteed allocations to upcoming token launches on Samurai Starter Launchpad along with a $SAM token airdrop (which is actually a claim).

SamNFT Mint Guide:

NOTICE: We will cap the SamNFT mint at 2,000 total NFTs.

Any unminted NFTs (up to the 2,000 limit) will be maintained by the Samurai Starter treasury. The potential use of these unminted NFTs include:

  1. Another sales round later this year on Base.
  2. Burn of the leftovers on Base and creation of a co-collection on a new chain.
  3. Marketing and community growth initiatives.
  4. Burn them all.

Any significant strategic decisions regarding these leftover NFTs will be put to a DAO vote of all SamNFT mintoors (1 SamNFT = 1 vote).

End of the SamNFT Final Round Mint

The current round of the SamNFT mint will end 24 hours prior to the launch of our native $SAM token. The current expectation is that $SAM will TGE near the end of February.

Any future SamNFT rounds that may occur after this date (but nothing is guaranteed) will be priced somewhat higher than the current 0.08 ETH price point and will not include a $SAM airdrop.

SamNFT Art Reveal

SamNFT art will be revealed on Wednesday, January 10 at 14:00 UTC!

In order to reveal the SamNFT art in your personal collection, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to: and connect your wallet.
  2. On left-hand side, click ‘owner’ then select ‘me’.

3. Click on the thumbnail of your SamNFT.

4. On the right-hand side, click the ‘. . .’ (More) button and then click “Refresh metadata”

5. Check out your beautiful SamNFT art!

What it means to be a SamNFT holder

As a SamNFT holder, you will FOREVER have GUARANTEED access to exciting token launches on Samurai Starter Launchpad. As early supporters, you will also be entitled to earn $SAM cashback rewards for participating in token launches. The more you participate, the more rewards you earn!

Being a SamNFT holder also provides access to exciting AIRDROPS that we are working on securing for you. You will receive an allotment of our upcoming $SAM token on Base as well as two other airdrops to be announced in short order (but one is still under negotiation).

SamNFT supplies are limited and running out so act now before this opportunity is lost forever!

What’s in our immediate future?

Within the next few days, we will provide an update on $SAM tokenomics and its token utility for the launchpad, launch a Zealy campaign, introduce you to our Launchpad Reignition Campaign which will allow early launchpad participants the chance to get their hands on even more $SAM, and describe the concept behind the SAM Ladder for launchpad cashback rewards.

Also, within a short period of time, we aim to announce our first IDOs on the new platform, close the SamNFT mint, conduct the $SAM token TGE, and blast off to the moon.

Exciting times ahead! LFG!

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