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Corrupt & Divine Samurai Collection

Strange sightings have been occurring throughout the shogunate. Reports of corrupted and divine samurai have been spreading throughout the land. Little is known about these peculiar samurai, yet every peasant seems to have a different theory on their origins. Throughout much of the shogunate, the prevailing view is that spiritual forces of light and darkness are preparing to battle for control of Japan’s destiny.

Mint Crates With $SMG

Limited edition NFT crates are here! The Corrupt & Divine Samurai Collection contains a total of 2000 NFTs. These NFTs are playable in Samurai Rising yet have their own mysterious aesthetics and increased collectibility. All Corrupt & Divine crates have the same drop rates as 3-star Samurai crates.

You can mint a Corrupt & Divine crate for 1500 $SMG here.

Corrupt & Divine NFT crate unboxing — along with Ninja/Monk/Archer unboxing — is currently being worked on as a first priority. A brand new NFT generation system is being built to facilitate all future NFT unboxing. Once this system is complete, all unopened NFT crates will be immediately openable.

Until then, grab a crate and get ready to join the light or dark side!



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