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Final $SMG Tokenomics & Distribution

With 25k players from our partner Crypto Gaming United joining our game world in 2022, Samurai Legends will be one of the biggest GameFi projects this year. To ensure a healthy launch and long-term growth (no matter the market), the Samurai Legends team has carefully planned the tokenomics to be future-proof.


Following GameFi precedent, no tax will be levied on $SMG transactions. Furthermore, the total $SMG supply will be 600 million and launch price $0.06. At launch, the $SMG market cap will be $496k with only 5.5 Million circulating tokens. The liquidity of $SMG will be in $BUSD, avoiding $BNB volatility due to market fluctuations.

$SMG’s tokenomics are designed to support a fully-fledged GameFi ecosystem for a minimum of 5 years. The distribution and vesting schedules are specified below.

You can see the full pitch deck here.

Supply Allocation


Allocating 12% of the supply to the team gives team members a real incentive to succeed. A 3-year vesting schedule with no tokens unlocked for at least 6 months ensures that growth and longevity are in the team’s best interests.


Through well-connected and experienced advisors, we stand to gain access to networks of individuals and organizations. This will provide us with unique opportunities for expansion and development.

Seed Sale

Seed sale investors will enable our team to commit full-time to Samurai Legends for years. The 8-months vesting schedule will ensure a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Play to Earn

The main purpose behind migration is to enable tokenomics that facilitate a durable and rewarding play-to-earn ecosystem. As a result, Play to Earn has both the largest allocation and longest vesting period. Note that these (and all allocations) are used only when necessary. We anticipate slower emissions from Play to Earn from actual game earnings.


Flexible use including cross-chain liquidity and CEX listing opportunities. We’re taking steps to give our community a louder voice and become more decentralized as an organization. Treasury tokens may be used for community-driven purposes, decided by our governance platform.


To incentivize early adopters and reduce the circulating $SMG supply, 7% of the supply will be allocated to $SMG rewards for solo staking over a 2-year period. Staking rewards will reduce every quarter while ROI generating NFTs will be introduced to maintain staking incentives.

Early Adopters

The earliest supporters of the project, originating from migrated $RSUN/$INF tokens.


Allocated to liquidity, making $SMG tradeable.

Private Sale

Allocated for additional fundraising outside the seed sale, this includes IDOs.

Public & Strategic Sale

$SMG will begin to launch on multiple IDOs on March 16th. The specific launchpads will be announced in full shortly.

Angel Sale

Early supporters of the Samurai Legends migration. Angel investors form the foundation of this launch.



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