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Kunoichi Ninja: Limited Edition #2

Kunoichi are the shogunate’s finest female Ninjas. They are often found in royal courts across Japan — gathering secrets by posing as maids, geisha, and priestesses. In Samurai Legends, Kunoichi use their deadly skills and feminine charm to undermine their rivals by any means necessary.

Mint Crates With $SMG

Our second limited edition NFT collection has arrived! Kunoichi are special variations of the Ninja class — stealth-based units focused on speed and deception. They are designed to be playable in Samurai Rising and Samurai Legends. All Kunoichi Ninja crates have the same drop rate as 3-star crates and are only available until the end of June!

You can mint a crate for 1500 $SMG here and view purchased crates here.

Kunoichi Ninja crate unboxing will begin on June 8th. This limited edition collection has been prioritised to give $SMG continued utility throughout this period.

Until then, reserve your crate and sit tight!



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