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RisingSun Launches SamuraiRising

Battle samurai NFTs in a rapidly expanding play-to-earn gaming ecosystem powered by RisingSun ($RSUN).

SamuraiRising — A Play-To-Earn NFT Card Game

SamuraiRising launched on September 18th with the aim of capturing a significant share of the exploding blockchain gaming market. A mix of NFTs, play-to-earn mechanics and unique samurai aesthetics makes for one of the most novel gaming experiences on Binance Smart Chain. SamuraiRising features collectible samurai battle cards. Every NFT has unique in-game stats and is a one-of-a-kind combination of different visual assets. Players go head to head in an NFT card game that rewards them with Influence ($INF) — a side-token embedded in the RisingSun ecosystem.

RisingSun’s Ecosystem — Fun Meets Utility

RisingSun ($RSUN) is a token that powers the ecosystem surrounding SamuraiRising. 5000 first-generation ‘general’ NFTs were minted exclusively using $RSUN. Only 5000 generals will ever exist, making them an exclusive asset. $RSUN used to mint generals funded the game’s rewards wallet, which now totals approximately $2,000,000. Generals can recruit up to 30 second-generation ‘samurai’ cards, which can, in turn, recruit 10 additional samurai. Recruitment requires three NFTs and $RSUN/$INF tokens. Furthermore, NFTs can be bought and sold with $RSUN on the ecosystem’s own marketplace.

$INF facilitates SamuraiRising’s play-to-earn mechanics. Players are rewarded $INF for winning games and playing frequently. New tokens are released periodically as game rewards and then burned to recruit samurai cards, bringing balance to the supply. The token is held in a liquidity pool with $RSUN, allowing players to convert their winnings to $RSUN while simultaneously expanding the ecosystem.

In addition, $RSUN and first-generation NFT holders receive a portion of RisingSun’s trading volume in $BUSD, adding further value. All in all, RisingSun brings fun and utility to the burgeoning world of blockchain gaming, making it attractive to players and holders alike.

With the release of SamuraiRising and the recent boom in popularity of blockchain gaming, RisingSun is aiming for long-term success. SamuraiRising is fully upgradeable, ensuring that further complexity can be added over time. A focus on sustainability and rapid feature expansion makes RisingSun one of the most exciting projects on Binance Smart Chain.

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Rule, build, battle and earn in your quest to become shogun of the samuraiverse!

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