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Samurai Legends Launch Schedule

After months of preparation, we’re finally here! We’ve seen your posts, heard your cries and felt your excitement. $SMG begins to launch on its first IDO today!

$SMG is the primary utility token that powers the entire Samurai Legends ecosystem. It will be used for marketplace sales, NFT sales, staking, governance and more!

Launch Schedule

Here’s a full overview of what we have planned for the coming days:

All of the above launchpads are part of the strategic and public sale. Check individual launchpads for information regarding allocations.

The Future

A host of strategic partnerships has transformed a ragtag group of individuals into a fully-fledged GameFi studio — Chain Pixel Labs. After a successful launch, the team is committed to pressing on with the Samurai Legends roadmap.

Expect frequent development updates as we turn a straightforward card game into a persistent player-owned world full of strategy, warfare and political intrigue. Without many past constraints, we genuinely believe that Samurai Legends can not just survive — but thrive.

Once again, we’d like to thank our fantastic community that has supported us throughout this transformation!



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