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Samurai Legends Launch Update

After months of preparation, we’re finally edging closer to the initial release of Samurai Legends. We’ve seen your posts, heard your cries and felt your excitement. The team is just as excited as you are and can’t wait for what the future holds.

Samurai Legends will begin to launch on IDOs on March 16th. $SMG and $KOKU will launch one day after the last IDO with a functional play-to-earn ecosystem and full strategic backing. We’re currently finalising several partnerships with top-tier launchpads to give Samurai Legends the launch it deserves. Bushido is all about patience, and good things come to samurai who wait!

Here’s a full review of what we’ve done so far and how we’re preparing for one of the biggest GameFi launches of 2022:

Strategic Partnerships

Samurai Legends was born from major strategic partnerships that will take our project to the next level. With the launch, we’re ensuring that we can support a massive player base and thrive for years to come.

Our first and most significant partnership is Crypto Gaming United (CGU). They’ve committed to funding our project and onboarding 25,000 players, making Samurai Legends one of the largest GameFi projects in the space. We’re in close contact with CGU, who have assured us of their willingness to tackle a potential crypto winter together.

In addition, we have a growing list of partners that will support Samurai Legends during launch and beyond. This list includes CNToken Capital, Viking Ventures Capital, soon-to-be-named launchpads and more!

Long-term Vision

Despite waiting to finalise various partnerships, the development team has been hard at work. The $SMG, $KOKU and staking smart contracts have been fully audited and will be published soon. We’re pressing on with our 5-phase roadmap that can be seen here. This roadmap aims to transform Samurai Legends from a small-scale project to a first of its kind player-owned GameFi world.

We’re taking all the necessary steps for long-term stability and success. We’ve seen other GameFi projects rise and fall and are doing everything to stand out from the crowd. Strategic partnerships, $BUSD liquidity and $KOKU as an algorithmic stablecoin (article coming soon) make us well-equipped for market volatility and long-term success.

Until then, sit back, relax, recruit and get ready for Imperial Duels next week!




Rule, build, battle and earn in your quest to become shogun of the samuraiverse!

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