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Staking for Energy

As it stands, there is no direct incentive for Samurai Rising players to reinvest their earnings in $SMG. It’s our aim to develop a sustainable ecosystem with $SMG as the primary asset. For this reason, we are introducing a requirement to stake $SMG for maximum energy.

This change is part of an effort to connect parts of our ecosystem and ensure that $SMG’s value is tied to the project as a whole. After this change is implemented, players will need to stake $SMG to recoup their previous energy levels.

Course of Action

We’re putting the following changes into place over the coming weeks:

  • Energy will be reduced by 20% on Sunday, April 10th at 00:00 UTC
  • At the same time, players will be able to stake $SMG for energy
  • For every 200 $SMG staked, players will regain 10 energy (this may decrease in the future depending on $SMG price)
  • Maximum energy is still determined by how many cards a player has
  • Minimum energy is the greater between 80 and 10% of the deck’s maximum energy

Over the next 2 weeks, the energy reduction will be increased from 20% to 90%. Players that stake the required amount of $SMG will be able to regain their previous energy levels.

For example, a deck that currently has 1000 energy will have 800 on Sunday, with 200 potential energy from staking. In 2 weeks, a deck that had 1000 energy will have 100 energy and 900 potential energy from staking.

This gradual process lets players adapt and start reinvesting their $SMG earnings into staking.

Overall, staking for energy gives $SMG additional utility while protecting its price. To usher in these changes, we’re using additional tokens to boost staking APY for the next 3 months.

We’ll be diving deeper into the upcoming changes to our ecosystem in future posts — with a focus on sustainability.



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