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The Hyōjōsho: Decentralised Governance

In Samurai Legends, the Hyōjōsho is a judicial council composed of officials from the shogunate government. Hōjō Ujimasa founded the council to advise the ruling shogun. However, after Hōjō’s untimely death, the council fell into disarray and was declared defunct — until now.

Emperor Nakamoto has decreed that the council be reestablished and comprised of the shogunate’s sharpest minds.

An Elected Council

The Hyōjōsho will be a decentralised governance platform for the entire Samurai Legends ecosystem. This council will consist of elected community members (rōjū) and members of our economic sustainability team (tairō). Elected officials will serve 3-month terms and participate in election cycles to find our community’s brightest minds.

Together, these officials will discuss the state of the ecosystem, create proposals and vote on them collectively. Proposal topics could include applying for listings, allocating the community treasury funds, modifying staking rewards and more!

Stake $SMG To Vote

To vote for a representative, community members need to stake $SMG. In addition to electing representatives, community members that stake $SMG will be able to vote directly on proposals in the Hyōjōsho. Therefore, proposals are ultimately decided by both elected representatives and the wider community.

By connecting $SMG staking to voting powers, we ensure that decisions are made by those with the ecosystem’s long-term success and best interests in mind.

Transparent & Decentralised

We believe that the Hyōjōsho is a transparent and fun way to give power back to our community. Decentralisation is the foundation of blockchain technology, and the samuraiverse will be no different. As Samurai Legends evolves, the Hyōjōsho will play a central role in shaping the ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more information on the Hyōjōsho, as we have more to share in the coming weeks!



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