Painting by Brianna Keeper,

Statues and Treason

Confederate Statues and Rainbow-Colored Crosswalks

I’ve watched Confederate statues come down across the nation without much reaction. I understand they mark a history, but it’s a history that doesn’t deserve lionization in stone and metal.

In San Antonio, the debate centers around a Confederate statue in a local park. Not far away, equality activists are requesting a rainbow-colored crosswalk to show support for the LGBTQ community.

In this time of polarization, I think the removal of the statue and the painting of the crosswalk are connected — and must be approached in concert. The statue should come down and the painting should commence to show our support for equality and justice over freedom to commit treason, to own other human beings and to spew hatred.

Let us not forget that the Confederacy rebelled against the United States of America. That’s called treason.

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