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It improper to call Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras a book be,
It is a complex fantastic tool arranged very brilliantly,
He understood humanity as apparatus of human body,
Mind, consciousness — everything in detail absolutely.

Patanjali a divine incarnation of the serpent Anantha be,
Who revered as ‘supporter of the whole universe’ surely,
He is the Adhisesha of Lord Mahavishnu unquestionably,
Patanjali identified all the teachings in the Vedas clearly.

Patanjali sort of assimilated everything completely,
He assimilated — included all aspects systematically,
Into a certain format — as the Yoga Sutras evidently,
As humanity, system of mind, consciousness body be.

Sutra literally means a thread — or like a formula be,
Sutras in thread form of no consequence by self be,
Yet no garland without thread can ever definitely be,
But no one wears a garland for sake of thread surely.

The thread given so each master can create truly,
Makes his own garland as per requirement clearly,
Put flowers or beads, pearls or diamonds surely,
The thread is vital but that not a goal by itself be.

The Yoga Sutras a terrific document about life be,
Yet uninteresting — the driest, dullest book be,
It is not, in the usual sense, a work scholarly
Nor does teach any practice in them definitely.

The idea is that this a formula to open up life be,
If people like the poetry and part of it literary,
All people will read it — the scholars especially,
Then make different interpretations of it surely.

The sutra will mean something to a person only,
Who at a certain level of experience does be,
Else it a bundle of words not make sense be,
Just illusive — uncomprehending in actuality.

Who experienced exploring consciousness be,
If he just reads one sutra, it will explosive be,
If you read one sutra and mix it with life truly,
That will be enough — it will realize you surely.

Patanjali Identifies mind and presented them precisely,
And he also organized form called ‘yoga’ categorically,
Patanjali’s yoga system aims to unite individual certainly,
The individual self with the Supreme One in actuality.

According to Patanjali, one can attain this union truly,
By ridding ever- arising ‘vrittis’, mind modification only,
He suggests the mind controlled through training be,
The right kind of discipline, schooling unwaveringly.

The Yoga by Patanjali contains main thoughts only,
First aphorism of first pada “Atha Yoganushsanam” be,
That means anushasan, discipline of yoga surely,
Must be understood and followed unequivocally.

“Yoges chitta vritti nirodhah.” — purpose of yoga be,
This controlling the thought waves of mind be,
Thoughts, feelings, emotions in mind vrittis be,
The nature — which should be controlled totally.

In broader view chitta — personal consciousness be,
Which covers all states of the mind thoroughly,
Of conscious, sub conscious, unconscious fully,
Of the individual — so effecting action definitely.

When controlling vrittis — thought, emotion, feeling be,
Distrubances are created which divert growth clearly,
Patanjali has addressed them as “Antaray” plainly,
The distrubances creating “chita vikshepa” certainly.

Patanjali says basic obstacles pervading the mind be,
That are not conducive to yoga practice indisputably,
He divides these obstacles into two groups clearly,
Antarayas and Viksepasahabhuvah categorically.

Antarayas — intruders in the path of yoga does be,
Viksepasahabhuvah — but mental distraction truly,
There nine Antarayas which categorized do be,
All help self reach conscienceness of divinity.

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