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How I met my mother — 10

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Personal meeting with the Divine

After the aarti, we were requested to rush to the meeting room. This is it! It’s time to say hello to my Divine! People were already sitting/waiting outside the meeting room. I took my boots off and grabbed one of the chairs nicely arranged in one line. We had four people ahead of us and one more last person after. The previous person was our dear “Love,” waiting with us, holding his guitar in his hand.

Although there were a few butterflies in my stomach, “There is no need to be over-sentimental,” I warned myself. Shubs has known me most of my life and has never seen me cry. I remembered my 1st trip to the USA; Shubs and my dad were in the car with us. They both were crying till we reached the Mumbai airport. And, Me? Not a tear!

My dear Shubs

Shubs was there, holding my hand at my dear late husband’s funeral six years back, and also, when mom passed away almost 19 years back, she saw me calm and collected both times. I don’t get emotional in front of people; that’s how I have become over the years. Truthfully, when I was little, that was a whole different story.

But today, all the bets are off! I couldn’t hold my tears rushing down. Very concerned, Shubs warned me, “Sona, please try not to cry when we go inside; I am not sure what’s happening to you today.” I nodded yes, I agreed, and decided to put myself together. Now, I was feeling calm and not weeping anymore. I got my “chill person” hat on. I was good to go.

We were waiting for our name to be called. It was no more than ten min, but it felt like an eternity. Finally, it was our turn.

It’s time, now!

We both kept our belongings on the chair outside and wore our masks. I opened the door, and we entered the room. The meeting room was big and long. The most beloved Om Swami Ji, sitting on His perfect asana at the far end of the room, is waiting for us. As we walked toward him, I started feeling emotional again. He was looking all divine and glorious. His halo was bright, spreading love and kindness all over the room. His face is shiny as if he is taking three facials a day treatment!

I couldn’t look directly in HIS eyes, which was strange. I always look straight in the eyes and talk to people. But little did I know that HE is not just a person. He gave us a gentlest smile and said, “Hello Sona, Hello Akshata (Shub’s name), please have a seat”; how are you both doing”?

I just mumbled, “Good, thank you for asking.”

Not paying keen attention to his kindest greeting, my brain immediately wandered off, thinking, “How does he know our names? This ashram is amazing. Do they always tell him the names before devotees walk inside the meeting room? But we walked in immediately after the previous person left; there was no time in between to give him that info! Impressive, Nice!”

Are you reading my thoughts?

He looked at me with a very mischievous twinkle and said (something on this line), “Sona, they don’t tell me who is walking in every time, plus they wouldn’t know how to tell me which one is Sona and Akshata. I would not know from them.”

Ok, now I am in shock! My mind: “What? How did he know what I was thinking? Can he read my mind? Is he reading my mind? How would he know my name? How does he know I am Sona and not Shubs? Does he know who I am? OMG! Does he know my every thought? Ok, stop thinking, Sona. Just breathe! Just breathe!”

Nevertheless, I just gave him an apologetic smile and sat on the floor next to Shubs, respecting the distance between HIM and us. And of course! My tears started rolling down. Words refused to come out of my mouth. Why do these tears never listen to me? Why do they show up when they are not supposed to? I think, “Go away, tears, calm down, Sona put yourself together, or else he will think I am such weeping willow; I had no words to express.”

Questions, Questions, where are you?

He looked at me, oh so gently, like a mother would look at her colicky child. To break the silence, HE mentioned that it is an excellent time to ask him a question if we have any. I was in no position to ask him any question. So, I just looked at Shubs. Finally, she started talking; she said something along this line: “Swami Ji, I came here with Sona, I am not familiar with your teachings, but I just would like to have your blessings for my family and me.” happy to be here.” He blessed her and her family and told her they would always have his blessings. It was beautiful. I was delighted that she received the Divine’s blessings.

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