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What is your story that you believe in?

Are you open to hearing my story?

“Can the nation that was the highest free and independent in its essence before Treta Yuga be restored to glory within one’s lifetime?” This popped up in my email from a kind young soul looking for an answer.

The concept of Yuga.

Per Vedic scriptures, there are four Yugas.
1 — Krita (Satya) Yuga
2 — Treta Yuga
3 — Dvapara Yuga
4 — Kali Yuga — You are here!
I will not go deep into Yuga; thanks to the wiki, most of the needed information is on the tip of your fingers if anyone desires.

My beloved Guruji once said, “You can’t help someone see the world differently unless they are willing to change the story they believe in.”

Knowing the truth, I am simply going to put my thought out here, and if you are willing to change the story you believe in, then maybe it will resonate with my story. If not, we both will accept our own stories, and life will go on. Either way, everything is going to be ok.

Time concept: Past, Present, future

Past: Memories and stories.
Present: Now, here.
Future: Hope and desires.

Most of us seek our future to match our hopes with the reminiscences of our past. But on the other hand, we fear the future because it is unknown to us and beyond our control at the present moment.

Reasons we are uncertain of the future?

1 — It hasn’t evolved yet; we are still in the present.
2 — Not knowing if we will like it.
3 — Fear of hurt and sadness for an unknown outcome.
4 — Dependency on the time concept to see the result later.
5 — It may not match the story we believe in.

Now here is something interesting.

Suppose we change our story and believe we don’t live in the past or future. I am here and now, in the present. While in the present, we recall the past and think of the future. We always know that our body, mind, and thoughts are right here, in the “now” present moment. The minute we grasp the concept of being in the present, we realize there is no past or future at the moment. As we choose to be here, in now moment, like magic, our worries, fear, sadness, hate, and all that unwanted negativity disappears. All this suffering is optional, and we can choose to let it go, knowing we are ok in the present moment.

So, coming back to the question — Can the nation that was the highest free and independent before Treta Yuga (2,163,102 BCE) be restored to glory within one’s lifetime?

Here, I will assume that you do not accept my story that I believe in regarding the past, present, and future. Because if you do, then you already got the answer. No need to read further…But if not, then let’s continue.

Let’s look at this question differently, assuming you still haven’t found the answer.

Imagine you have a beautiful rose garden in your backyard; you see that one red rose with a fragrance that takes you to the memories of your loved ones. You water that plant, talk to that rose, caress it, and offer your love and attention mindfully. And in a few days, it starts shading the petals one by one, and the lovely rose is gone in a week. You can’t bring it back. It served its purpose, and now it’s gone. It is offering space and a chance for another beautiful rosebud to bloom. Nothing you can do will bring that particular rose back. You could have preserved it, but it wouldn’t offer that freshness, vibrant color, and that divine fragrance.

Here is our duality life rule: If it starts, it ends.

On the same note, if Treta Yuga existed before, now it’s gone. It had to go to offer the space for the next Yuga. Whichever Yuga we are born into, we need to be present and live to the fullest in that Yuga. As stated in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, we existed before and will be back again per our Karma account. In that case, we did cherish our time in Treta Yuga; now, we need to appreciate Kali Yuga. There is always a lesson to be learned.

We have glorious stories of the Treta Yuga, and it is pretty natural to feel that we should live in those times again, especially when we see the disturbing situation of the Nations around the world. If one tries to change the world’s view, one must assume and force everyone to follow the story they believe in. Is that fair?

This is the truth, the story that I believe in.

The ultimate solution I have learned is to change myself for the better. Here I am going to focus on the spiritual aspect. Even though we live in Kali Yuga, we can change our mindset and follow the norms of Satya or Treta Yuga. We can choose to be mindful, kind, compassionate, and show gratitude every chance we receive. We mindfully choose to live in the present and experience this beautiful world of Maya.

If every person shifts their attitude toward kindness, the outcome will be phenomenal. Ultimately, every soul has to walk the entire journey and end it with the Divine (energy source). Every yuga, every culture, and every religion has given different names to the same source. This journey is different for everyone, but the destination is the same. It could be short or long, challenging or easy, fun or tedious. You are solely responsible for your actions on this path. Yes, there will be moments of happiness; enjoy it. Yes, there will be a pain; it will hurt, but suffering is a choice, so reject it.

Don’t worry about the world.

It existed before and will be there after us. Focus on your growth. You have a chance here and now. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Time is always one step ahead of you.

When you go to bed, check if you used every opportunity to be kind and compassionate to every soul you interacted with. Were you grateful and helpful enough? Are you walking on the path that you believe in? Are you true to yourself?

If you sprinkle your love and kindness around and offer peace and joy to others, they will follow your path. You will see the change in your lifetime. The world is in your consciousness, so if your consciousness is pure and happy, the projected world will resonate with it.

I hope you get your answer here.

I am not asking others that they should live per my rules, my story that I believe in, but I can undoubtedly convey my view. If you like it, you try it. If you don’t, you move on. Either way, it’s ok.

What we know now is already known; there is nothing new I am stating. What we discover already exists; there is nothing new I am creating. The truth lies beyond the veil of the duality of our existence. The only thing I know is to surrender to my beloved Guruji, see the Divine in every being, love, and trust the Divine energy in me.

With my Guruji’s blessings, I scribble my thoughts and experiences. If there is any helpful message, it is all Divines wish. All the shortcomings and faults are my ignorance.



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