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Why is my life empty and meaningless? — Part one

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Why is my life falling apart, dull, miserable, empty, and ultimately meaningless?

We asked this question, again and again, all our lives. We look for an answer everywhere. The question is always luring in the background; we continue to exist without understanding or knowing the meaning of life, with no peace in our hearts or happiness in our eyes. Thousands are born, and thousand more die every day. We continue to be the guinea pig on the life cycle wheel.

Knock knock, who’s there?

A door opens on our life journey, allowing us to indulge in the most beautiful experiences. Still, in the end, we never find the meaning of life or happiness and peace; we move forward to another door, and it takes us straight down into the ditch, giving us bruises all over. Still, that pain doesn’t teach us the meaning of life; the next beautiful door calls us in but throws us into dumpsters, the worse smelly trash pile, and the disgust wouldn’t even come close to showing us the purpose of life either.

That tallest Himalayan mountain, the vast ocean, the endless sky with starlight, the smile on a baby’s face, the twinkle of love in the mother’s eyes, that tiny ant running around looking for a spec of sugar, that first raindrop on our cheek, nothing offers us the meaning of life, and our search continues.

Ego, pride, indulgence, humiliation, pain, nothing helps us. Nothing helps us understand and experience pure love, happiness, and peace. All we see is hate for others and frustration in words around us.

Open sesame

Most of us live with constant mindless chatter, a nagging voice, and depressive and negative thoughts. The mind never forgets to remind us, “You are not worth anything; you don’t deserve love.” This disapproval thought channels us to see the flaws in every action and negativity in every picture. Plus, social platforms, movies, and TV shows (entertainment industry!) are a constant reminder of how worthless our life compared to everyone else. Some go through a complete breakdown, and some survive. We all play the victim role. Then we decorate it with excuses because who wants to be a loser?

Our excuses:

I have responsibilities.
I don’t matter.
No one has control over certain things; I am no different.
I tried, but this is the best I can do.

Sounds familiar? All these excuses are acceptable. We have responsibilities, we don’t matter, nor does anything matter in the big picture, and almost everything is beyond our control, even though we try our best. To add more insanity, I will also state here that, unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, you will never find happiness or peace in the world. No one on this earth would give you that unconditional love you crave or accept you the way you are.

Desperate attempts at Life-saving hacks!

  1. Purchasing a bunch of self-help books! They may work for a few days, weeks, or months, but that’s it.
  2. Writing down things that reflect you won’t work!
    It may damage you more emotionally, but that is another subject.
  3. Reframing how to think won’t do work!
    If you are sad in your heart, you can’t just say I am happy! That won’t take your pain away. The frustrated mind can’t be convinced, thinking I am calm. This is sheer ignorance.

Please click here for part two.



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