Sanatana Dharma

Tell me it’s you, Ma Gayatri. It is you.

The saffron hue of my Swami’s robe.

Tell me, it’s you, Ma Amba. It is you.

The shining vermillion on my Swami’s brow.

Tell me, it’s you, Ma, Kali. It is you.

The deep resolve in my Swami’s heart.

Tell me it’s you, Ma Saraswati. It is you.

The stark truth in my Swami’s speech.

Tell me it’s you, Ma Parvati. It is you.

The tenderness in my Swami’s being.

Tell me it’s you, Ma Sri. It is you.

The life force behind my Swami’s actions.

Tell me, it’s you, dear Swami. Aren’t you?

The form, the formless, the beginning

And the end.

Here’s praying for the well-being of Mother Nature and all its beings. Wish you a very happy Dusshera. May we get inspired to celebrate and sing the glories of Mother Divine!



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