Mind Reboot-ed!

Imagine me shouting in your head with my 100 brothers! :P

Have you ever had thousands of voices shouting in your head all at the same time, each having its own distinctive voice and a clear cut unrelated topic? If yes, then you definitely have to read ahead and if no, then just wait to get old enough to hear these voices.

The “Crowd Shout” as I like to call the above description, is generally caused in a chaotic mind, which generally pushes you further away from your goal, helps you make terrible decisions and can further lead to memory loss, which in some cases also leads to Alzheimer. So if you are already aware of the Crowd Shout then I must say you have got your start to forgetting who your spouse is (It can be good in some cases though :p).

In an incredibly simple yet informative talk, Scott Ely discusses the problems associated with the chaotic mind and how one can overcome these noises to make better and more intuitive decisions. He claims that each of us has limited brain energy, which we spend in wasteful things like social media or sometimes with ‘friends’. This leads to a tired brain and a DECISION FATIGUE, which impairs our choice making capability. The brain is an adaptable organ he suggests and can be easily hacked or you can say manipulated to believe certain things and act accordingly. The most famous example as an Indian that I can give is from the movie 3 idiots, ALL IS WELL. :p

You can listen to the talk here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hGjuvMBBj0

I definitely need some help, you listening?

Now coming to the point of what I think “Mind Rebooted” is all about and how certain things can help you out at times of chaos:

The people of this generation have started living a fast paced lifestyle with food being available on a stick and bags with pipes running with water. We don’t have time to be alone with our thoughts which impair us to think for ourselves. We feel disconnected from within and act and move like robots, we forget that our mind and body are one within and it’s very necessary to have both connected and intertwined with each other for a peaceful living.

I’ll be as calm as a brain can be

I have researched some ways which can help you remove unwanted thoughts, help you concentrate more, build focus and most importantly to give your mind a break from all the running you have been doing and kind off restarting it from within :

  1. The second most effective way after deep breathing for me has been this eye exercise, which brings positive vibes within. All you got to do is move your eyes side to side for 30 seconds and then close it for 10 seconds. If you ask me, this just pushes so much information in your brain in so less time that it crashes and restarts again :p, It actually helps retrieve happy memories and invoke happiness.
  2. Another method which is popularly known as the Hawaii method of rebooting uses Active Meditation to allow the brain to relax and better focus on the task at hand. It usually begin with focusing at a point on a wall for few seconds and then letting your body relax, with constant deep breaths to increase the oxygen level in your blood. This boosts your immune system too and helps bring positive thoughts in mind.
  3. Control and segregate those thousand noises into separate sounds and shun the ones which don’t require your immediate attention. Never try to resist those noises as you must have heard, whatever you try to resist, often persists. You must be able to dictate the terms of your thoughts and for that it is important to still and think about yourself at least 10 min in a day.
Healthy Brain-Workout!

Having shared all these ways by which you can calm your mind and those chaotic noises in your brain, I just wanted to tell you that as humans we have this tendency of having past memories, present cases and future prospects all running in our heads all the time which makes us biased and somewhat hinders us form living happily and tension free. We must time to time reboot our brain and fill it with happy thoughts.

I would love to hear your suggestions on ways to reboot the mind and also don’t forget to tell me if you try any of these ways mentioned above. Till then cheers and keep reading. :D

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