Role of “Emotions” in a Business

As I sat pondering about the next ‘big’ topic to write about, I heard someone say that business and emotions must be kept separate, and that is when a bulb just switched on in my head questioning, really?

Do Emotions really hinder my growth?

This open ended debate has had many opinions with people coming from different backgrounds with examples as to how their emotions helped/destroyed them in the market. What I have researched in these past couple of days is that every decision made by the customer is an act of his or her emotion and hence emotions cannot be neglected.

“People buy with their hearts and justify the buy with their head”

However horrid that justification may be, the bottom line is that the sale is made and that is what matters to a business in the end, but let’s not get too ahead and say that I am ‘pro-emotion’ to business.

We firstly need to understand and clearly define what emotion is and how it can be subdivided to make sense to a business.

Emotion is a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.
I feel, therefore I am 😐

Certain emotions can drive your business to success, but certain can make it plunge to bankruptcy and with my short blog I have tried to find the answer to this dilemma. I have gone ahead and divided emotions into 2 categories, the first are the positive triggered emotions. These emotions can become the driving force of your business and help bring stability by encouraging equanimity. For example, when you love someone, nobody puts you to task to think about them, but then you do it on your own and start planning an action strategy. This is what emotions/ feelings can do, they can make you push your boundaries and make you come out of your comfort zone to try and get what you desire. In simple language, it is called devotion to something.

I don’t want to abandon my failed product. 😔

Then there is another category of emotions, the not so desirable ones. I call these emotions the negative triggered emotions, these emotions often hold you at a certain point and hinder growth of self and in totality the business. These can emerge from attachment towards certain out-dated practices or to an out-dated product. Many people point out these emotions, when they tell you to be an emotionless brat and focus on gaining more customers.

So now you know, it basically depends on your definition of the word emotion that can change its effectiveness to the business.

Ted talk of Sharukh Khan, an Indian actor also inspired me somewhat when he coined the term Demotional, which breaks down to Detached + Emotional. I was really taken aback by the relatability and the effectiveness of this term and was about to write a letter to Oxford to include this in their dictionary (I didn’t of course :p), being Demotional helps you relate to something as your own and derive desires within yourself to get focused results at the same time, the detachment helps you shun the same thing when proper or optimum results are not derived from it. This is how emotions must be handled in my opinion in a business, as ultimately every business is about people and emotions is one of the important quality that describes people.

I feel empowered!

I would say, always welcome the positive triggered emotions as they give you a reason to excel and provide motivation. At the same time beware of the negative emotions. If a certain thing has been holding you back, never get too attached to it that it costs your growth.

If you have any comments/suggestions, feel free to comment and let me know also I would love to hear your opinion on the effect of Emotions of a Business. Cheers!