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The Informant Who Overthrows Escobar

The informant who bring Escobar to heel, Robert Mazur. He lived with Colombian drug cartels every day for five years. Secret agent Robert Mazur infiltrated Escobar’s gang as a ‘mole.’ He defeated Escobar by living like him. Moreover, Mazur did not get any support during this critical operation. He didn’t even want a team to come to his rescue waiting nearby when something went wrong. So, who is this man who brought Colombia’s most notorious criminal gang to heel without using even a recorder?

Who is Robert Mazur?

Robert Mazur or Bob Musella. As an agent, Mazur needed a secret identity to infiltrate the drug cartels and make them believe in him. Thus, he created a new personality. Although Bob Musella resembled Mazur in many ways, there was a big difference between them that could not be ignored. Bob Musella is a money laundering, a notorious criminal who has lived among drug cartels for years. However, Robert Mazur had the only purpose; catching them.

Robert Mazur was born in New York. The man who has a solid financial and management background, was 27 years old when he infiltrated the Medellin Cartel, known as the worst in the world and led by Pablo Escobar.

Mazur went through confidential and comprehensive training before becoming a part of this major operation. He worked real financial jobs for over a year to raise money for the cartel. He disguised himself as a business manager at a financial consulting firm. According to him, the best way to complete his role was to be a part of the money markets and operate in those markets.

What Was Robert Mazur’s Aim?

When Bob Musella became a reality, all Robert Mazur just cared about was stopping money laundering and terrorist financing activities and exposing the organized crime.

Mazur is a pioneer figure who sheds light on the world of money laundering and putting some perilous people and their facilitators in jail. he revealed the criminal personalities that underlie the reliable images of the world’s largest banks. He laid how dozens of known large organizations pioneered money laundering activities bare.

Confronted with dozens of risky situations during the five years he spent in Medellin Cartel, Mazur’s experiences have already been subjected to films Robert Mazur explains in his book “The Informant Who Overthrew Escobar,” how this team worked in their greatest duties.

In this book that shared experiences, Mazur says, “We were in the deepest undercover agent operation to enter the cartel hierarchy, and provided the only secret access in the world to the $ 40 billion bank operation known as the world’s largest money-laundering business.”

Also, Mazur’s five years as an agent was begin to play as ‘The Infiltrator.’ During the presentation of the film, Mazur said, “After working with infiltrators in law enforcement for years, I was appointed as an infiltrator. I was responsible for identifying top-ranking money launderers in the Medellin Cartel.”

He also states witnessed that the Medellin Cartel was bringing more than $ 70.000 cocaine.

Let’s Fight Financial Crimes Together!

Mazur’s book contains disclosures about the banking system of the 1980s. Mazur’s anonymity provides evidence that most of the key players are still operating on money laundering. But Mazur knew he had to tell his story, despite all the risks. He wanted the public to be aware of money laundering problems and know that there are many other money-laundering ways besides drug smuggling. So he had tried to educate the public, law enforcement, banks, companies, and governments at every opportunity about the dangers of money laundering.

Money laundering and terrorist financing have caused huge losses worldwide for years, and it continues to do. Persons and institutions should always have the necessary precautions against money laundering risks. Each institution is obliged to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Laws established by Governments. The authorities determine institutions that do not comply with these obligations and are subject to certain criminal sanctions. It is our mutual duty to prevent terrorist financing. Therefore, do not neglect to implement AML solution programs for your company’s needs.



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