We provide 100% Healthcare Coverage

Hugh Francis
Aug 22, 2018 · 2 min read

It’s not all that well-publicized that in the USA, employers are only required to contribute 50% to the cost of an employee’s health insurance. In the case the employer simply meets that requirement, the remainder of the cost comes out of the employee’s paycheck — often the employee doesn’t even notice.

We believe healthcare is a human right, plain and simple.

While we can’t change the labor laws in this country, we have a responsibility to our team members to create the change we want to see in our own environment — and for that reason, starting September, Sanctuary Computer is committed to offering at least one (1) of our healthcare plans with 100% coverage, indefinitely.

(It also means a yearly personal saving of roughly between $1000 — $3000, depending on the currently selected plan!)

Effect on our Profit Share

It’s worth noting that at Sanctuary Computer, we all share in yearly company profit. You might think that by raising the employer contributions, we’re lowering the profit share pool at the end of the year — which is true to an extent. If our expenses increase, our years-end profit pool is lowered.

However, it’s worth unpacking two points around ethics:

  1. Our Profit Share program is a function of studio efficiency — meaning that the “amount you’d receive in lieu of a rising healthcare contribution” would be filtered through that function, meaning unless we achieve a perfect efficiency, that amount would be less than the boon from an employer healthcare contribution. “Guaranteeing” a lil more cash takes the risk out of that small chunk, which feels appropriate for healthcare.
  2. Additionally, because our Profit Share plan is also a function of your time at the studio, it ultimately means that senior employees stand to benefit more from a less generous health insurance plan, which doesn’t feel like an ethical model to me.

We feel employers have an opportunity to shield their team from the USA health system’s twisted over-commercialization, and we’d encourage other studios to do the same!

❤ Hugh

Wanna talk more?

Please reach out at hugh@sanctuary.computer / isabel@sanctuary.computer — we’re friendly and open and would love to chat in greater detail on some of the specifics here.

Ultimately, we believe that large, full service agencies are becoming less appealing to clients out there, and instead, we’re hoping to encourage a world where nimble, specialist companies work together to carefully create intimate & unique work for clients, at realistic prices.

So get in touch! We’re always down for a margarita @ forgtmenot!

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