Astrology for Self-Care

The moon might be the key for finding self-care.

Mar 19 · 4 min read

Taking care right now might feel more difficult than ever, but, there’s good news. The keys to an effective self-care toolkit can be found in one of the most accessible placements in your chart: your moon sign.

Humans have been fascinated by the moon for as long as we’ve been on Earth. It has been a major part of the world’s spiritual history, and for good reason. In astrology, the moon represents your needs and wants. Not just the emotional ones, mind you, the moon also rules what your body needs. Learning how to work with the moon in your chart can unlock your abilities to rest, heal, and recharge.

Each sign that the moon is in influences your wants and needs differently, so each have their own methods of self-care.

Aries Moon

The moon in Aries feels everything immediately. Most often, the most effective way for those with Aries moon placements to take care is to take action. Being challenged and gathering momentum are the spice, and fuel, of life.

Rest by: Clearing out your calendar and to-do’s

Recharge by: Playing a game or simply moving your body

Taurus Moon

The moon is exalted in Taurus, so it’s able to do its job very well in this sign. Those with Taurus moons need stability and comfort from which to nurture and create, and they’re more than willing to share the love.

Rest by: Building a pillow fort

Recharge by: Making something with your hands

Gemini Moon

Often understood as the most communicative of the signs, the moon in Gemini thrives on social connections and conversations. Dialogue, learning, and teaching are all part of the moon in Gemini’s self-care regimen.

Rest by: Zoning out to a podcast

Recharge by: Hitting up the group text thread

Cancer Moon

The moon is coziest in Cancer, the sign it benevolently rules, and so too do those with the moon in Cancer love their cozy time. Cultivating a sense of security and nurturing themselves and others help those with this placement bloom.

Rest by: Spending time alone at home

Recharge by: Updating the spice rack or planting something in the garden

Leo Moon

Affection, both given and received, is crucial for a Leo moon’s emotional wellbeing. Often self-confident and cheerful, folks with this lunar placement need the exchange of the creative process, offering up a creation and basking in its reception.

Rest by: Getting cozy with a pet or loved one

Recharge by: Performing or expressing yourself

Virgo Moon

With an analytical and practical lunar placement, folks born under the moon in Virgo often have to flex their emotional muscles to stay well, otherwise they may be at risk of detachment. Establishing healthy boundaries, and finding meaningful routines and work go a long way in keeping these folks happy.

Rest by: Journaling out your feelings and concerns

Recharge by: Volunteering or helping out a loved one

Libra Moon

Folks with a moon in Libra are often seeking peace whenever possible, and yearning to match the spaces they occupy with their gentle and harmonious energy. Keeping an open heart and flexing those creative and partnership muscles help keep Libra moons going.

Rest by: Finding stillness when possible

Recharge by: Changing your space to match your intentions

Scorpio Moon

The energy of transformation itself is what fuels a moon in Scorpio. Fearless in the emotional depths, folks with this lunar placement seek others who can brave the complexities within themselves to mirror and grow with. Magic and self-exploration are important keys for this moon placement’s potential.

Rest by: Cleansing your crystals or meditating

Recharge by: Kindling a passion or changing things up

Sagittarius Moon

Often filled with energy, folks with a moon in Sagittarius seek freedom and adventure to expend their reserves. Finding regular outlets for energy and keeping the mind engaged are both important to keep a moon in Sagittarius inspired and inspiring.

Rest by: Spending time in a park or forest

Recharge by: Planning a trip or a personal syllabus

Capricorn Moon

Ambitious in goal setting and creating security, the moon in Capricorn does the work ahead of time so they can relax later. Remembering the tenderness that inspires that ambition is crucial for keeping these folks’ hearts open and thriving.

Rest by: Enforcing that Do Not Disturb mode

Recharge by: Watching something funny

Aquarius Moon

Stagnancy is a big no-no for folks with an Aquarius moon. Mental stimulation and personal awakening are the goal, and it’s go big or go home. Creating or reinventing things, or doing anything that awakens an Aquarius moon’s fascination, will keep their hearts steady and open.

Rest by: Vibing to a lo-fi flow

Recharge by: Directing your energy towards a cause

Pisces Moon

The moon’s dreamiest placement, the moon in Pisces is intuitive and compassionate, willing to embrace all realities. Folks with this placement have a heightened emotional and spiritual sensitivity, so boundaries and a network of supportive, grounded friends make all the difference.

Rest by: Taking a long, candle-lit bath

Recharge by: Reading your tarot cards

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