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Beyond the Stars: Mereba

The stars shine brightly over everyone’s life, but the lives of creatives like artists and musicians are often powerfully shaped by their placements and their connection to their birth chart. For a special installment of Beyond the Stars, we sat down with Mereba, who just released her new EP called AZEB, to talk about astrology, change, love, and hope.

Name: Mereba

Virgo Sun, Leo Moon

Pronouns: she/her

When did astrology enter your life?
I learned that I was a Virgo in my preteens and started researching my sun sign in particular. Since then I just kept learning more and more about it by being open to new information and conversing with people who were more informed about it than me.

How do you use astrology in your daily life?
I’ve started to shy away from applying it to literally every situation in life — I used to do that and it became a bit mentally taxing. But it does help guide me through relationships on a regular basis. I think of it as a roadmap for interpersonal relationships of all kinds.

What’s your favorite thing about astrology?
I love the way it calls attention to different aspects of my internal makeup, and helps me figure out why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling. I also love that it helps make sense of relationships with other people. It minimizes confusion and unrealistic expectations for me.

What planet do you connect most with?
Even though I’m ruled by Mercury, I really connect with my moon sign’s ruling planet, the Sun. I feel like that’s where a lot of my artistic energy comes from and when I perform I’m super connected to my Leo moon. The sun is really just… brilliantly one of one. It’s powerful and life-giving.

Do you have a favorite astrological season or transit?
I love [the time period between] Virgo season into Libra season. I’m biased because I’m a September 19th baby, so I’m right there on the edge. but it always just feels like a calm after a storm, going into autumn, diving deeper back into the self kind of energy for me.

Has there been a particular astrological moment that was impactful for you?
Two words: Saturn Return. Whew.

What was the inspiration behind this album? How did astrology play into it?
This project was inspired a lot by two things in particular, the world coming to an abrupt halt in 2020 and the social unrest that came from that, and me falling in love with my soulmate. There’s a paradox there. Astrology played a part in my ability to adapt to the world, and my life, changing so fast I think in part because I was coming out of my Saturn return with a newfound sense of strength and self-awareness. The me that would’ve panicked had already been sharpened by years of difficult transitions, so it was kinda way more chill when everything changed. I was able to zoom out more and write from a place of love & hope, and not fear and turmoil. Astrology also of course plays a part in every relationship. Falling in love with a Cancer sun/Aries moon is a beautiful experience for my ultra-independent Virgo/Leo self. I learned how to allow myself to be nurtured, and experiencing that before and during the world’s huge transition was so incredibly affirming and comforting.

How was your approach to this EP different (or similar!) to your past album?
It’s still a very personal experience that comes from somewhere within myself that only music gives me language for. I’m not the most expressive person otherwise when processing heaviness, so I’d say both projects are my emotions’ bridges to the outside world. This one was different because it was made in a shorter period of time, it’s like a snapshot into a year of living on planet earth. A very specific year that we’ll all remember for many years to come.

What do you hope listeners take away from engaging with this new EP?
I try not to put too many expectations on exactly what people take from my music. It’s all up for interpretation. But I guess if I had to say, the one word would be hope. Hope for the future, similar to the feeling of a sunrise. A sense of knowing that light always finds a way to filter back into the sky.

Listen to Mereba’s new EP AZEB, out now!



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