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Don’t Like Your Birth Chart? Here’s Your Remedy

Planetary remediation might hold your answer.

By Amelia Quint

No one’s natal chart is perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and that’s reflected in our stars. But the beauty of astrology is that it can help you pinpoint the specific areas you want to improve — let’s say Venus with a square from Saturn that gives you major impostor syndrome — and identify strategies to help you do it.

That process of actively engaging with the parts of your chart you want to make better is called planetary remediation. It can be as simple as doing an activity associated with the planet, or as intricate as wearing a perfume or carrying a stone associated with its energy. When would you want to try this out? You’d use remediation if you have any planets that are on the receiving end of difficult aspects (especially from Mars and Saturn in your chart or in the sky), planets that are retrograde, or planets of your chart that are in signs where they aren’t comfortable.

The idea that some sign placements are more difficult than others comes from a concept called essential dignity. According to this system of relationships between planets and signs in astrology, each planet has signs where it feels awkward, depending on how it relates to that sign’s characteristics. For example, quick-thinking Mercury struggles to swim in the deep waters of Pisces, and sensual Venus is self-conscious in overthinking Virgo. It doesn’t mean those placements are negative, but it does mean you’ll have to find creative ways to get your needs met or to negotiate those relationships.

Curious about which of your own planets could benefit from remediation activities? You can look at your chart in the Sanctuary app, or try a live reading with one of Sanctuary’s astrologers to help you figure it out! The bottom line is that you aren’t doomed. In fact, remediation isn’t just for planets we feel like are bad or messy. You can use the same techniques to get in touch with any planet’s energy that you want to experience more of in your life.

Ready to try it for yourself? Read on for fun, easy tips on how to remediate any planet, no matter how unruly it is in your natal chart.


The sun is all about visibility, so take a selfie and share it, even if it’s just with your group chat. It’s also related to pride, so give yourself the recognition you deserve by writing out your accomplishments. You could also make a vision board about what you want to do in the future!


The moon rules food and nourishment, so eat something delectable and say a quick lunar blessing before you scarf it down. Dream journaling is another great way to honor the moon, since she only comes out at night.


Mercury rules communication, so express yourself! Write in a journal, or talk it out with a friend or therapist. You could also read, watch, or listen to something inspiring, learn a new language, or anything else that gets your mind engaged and in a state of flow.


The goddess of love and beauty loves adornment of all kinds, whether it’s flowers, perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, or an outfit that makes you feel amazing. Roses are Venus’ traditional offering, but anything that feels like a treat is perfect.


Mars is the planet of activity, so the trick to this energy is tuning into and moving your body through exercise, dance, or just deep breathing. If you’re feeling too much Mars energy, drink extra water and moisturize to offset the planet’s heat.


Jupiter loves exploration, whether that’s going on an adventure to a new location, studying something that’s completely new to you, or opening your mind to new spiritual ideas. Novelty is the best way to honor this giant.


Saturn rules structure, so picking up a new habit (like a workout routine or meditation practice) is a great way to better incorporate that energy into your life. Feeling slowed down by the ringed planet’s delays? Hot drinks and spicy food can help you pick up the pace.



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