Libra Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Gift ideas for your favorite Libra (or just yourself!)

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3 min readDec 11, 2020


Libra likes to be seen as balanced and the center of the party. People with this sign will love anything that makes their life more colorful or more beautiful. Give them something to keep their peace or something that reminds them of having you in their life.

Spectra MMXXI Calendar

Libra is a champion of aesthetics…and so is Aesthetic Magic Studio. You can trust in their color selections for your 2021 calendar to help keep their space and their schedule beautifully together.

Scent No 1 Candle

Libras love an #aesthetic, so keep it consistent for them! No need to worry that the candle won’t match the decor. Pick a scent from Siblings for your favorite Libra and let them decant the candle in a vessel they already love.

Wings Ring

Is that true love taking flight or just your favorite Libra with another crush? These golden-winged rings from 84Gems have Libra written all over them.

Cruella de Tejas

Keep the eyeliner wings sharp, and the nails sharper — that’s a Libra mantra for you. Color is a powerful form of magic, and this vivid pigment from Death Valley Nails should be the sharpest tool in any Libra’s arsenal.

This product sponsored by Free People

The Good Intentions Bracelet

Mind over matter, right? Get this gentle reminder from Free People to keep your favorite Libra motivated with a delicate reminder of the intentions they set that they can wear.

Abington Ring

When you’re looking to splurge, go big or go home. This exquisite antique curated by Kindred Black just might be the statement piece the Libra in your life is looking for.

The Reversible Mat

Balance comes with practice, and what better to do that than with a high-quality, reversible yoga mat from Lululemon? This one comes with swirls of color to keep it cute while Libra stretches it out.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Who mixes it up as smooth as a Libra? Maybe a Kitchen Aid. This stand mixer will help them turn heads as the host with the most, even if they’re only throwing a party for themselves.

Conflict is Not Abuse by Sarah Schulman

Emotional intelligence is calling. This book is a wonderful tool for any peacekeeper in your life who wants to deepen their commitment to ethical and sustainable conflict resolution.

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