Virgo Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Gift ideas for your favorite Virgo (or just yourself!)

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3 min readDec 11, 2020


Virgo likes to be seen as inviting and put together. People with this sign will love anything that makes life more efficient or that gives them more time to relax. Give them something that shows them you’re listening and that you appreciate how much they bring to your life.

Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown

Does your beloved Virgo need some help opening up? Or maybe you just want to inspire them to dream bigger and more beautiful? Give them a book that speaks directly to their heart and encourages them to grow.

Jewelry Case

They’ll never lose a jewel or misplace a bauble with a neat case from Mejuri that keeps all their precious gems protected on the go. Bonus points for the minimalist-chic aesthetic, too!

Allergic to Bullshit Candle

Cut through the crap with a candle from Posh Candle Co. that knows how to keep it real. No Virgo wants to mess around with mess, literally or figuratively, so give them a gift that celebrates that!

Mosaic Desk Organizer

Who wants a mess on their desk? Help leave any office or home office space immaculate when a Virgo takes their holiday break with this desk organizer from Baron Fig. Ah, nice and neat, just how they like it.

Cuticle Oil

Dry hands, dry air, and all that hand washing… It’s a hard season (and year) on our hands, so pamper a busy Virgo with this practical everyday luxury from French Girl Organics.

Dotted Green Basket Set

Keep it neat, keep it organized, but most of all, keep it cute with these baskets from the Jungalow that can be used for storage or decor. Whether they contain chaos or order, they’ll always look nice.

This product sponsored by Free People

We the Free Snapped Keyring

Stylish and useful is the Virgo motto. This multifunctional accessory from Free People makes for an incredible stocking stuffer and ensures that they’ll never misplace their keys (not that a Virgo ever would, right?)

Honor Roll Highlighter

Virgos deserve to shine as much as any sign and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Give ’em a glow with this overachieving highlighter from the Crayon Case.

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Having the perfect environment to work and play in is an important part of Virgo rituals. Set the mood with an aroma diffuser that keeps the vibe chill and the aesthetic perfectly clean, as is Muji’s way.

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