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What Card Corresponds to Your Sign?

Find the relationship between your sign and the Major Arcana.

Astrology has been around since ancient times, so it’s not a surprise it’s intertwined with all sorts of mystical systems and tools. One of the most important relationships it has is with tarot — astrology helps share the meaning and the imagery of the cards, and specific signs have associations with particular cards in the major and minor arcana both. If you’re already in deep with your tarot journey, astrology’s associations with specific cards can help deepen your understanding of those cards when they appear. On the other hand, if astrology is already your comfort zone, learning the tarot cards associated with the signs you are familiar with can be a great gateway into a new way of understanding this tool. Let’s start with the basics, and look at what cards of the symbolism-heavy Major Arcana line up with your sign. (If you’re not sure what signs are in your birth chart, head to the Sanctuary app, where you can get your whole chart for free!)

Aries — The Emperor

The Emperor is associated with passionate Aries. This may seem like a surprising connection between the old Emperor and youthful Aries, but they are both governed by the element of fire. Being still, present, and ready at a moment’s notice to go to war links this fiery pair.

Taurus — The Hierophant

Who would have thought that sensual Taurus would be associated with a holy archetype like The Hierophant? Both ruled by Venus and the element of Earth, they are governed by values and traditions, making them the perfect pair to help you navigate this reality.

Gemini — The Lovers

Easygoing and child-like Gemini corresponds to The Lovers. Morality, curiosity, and choices are major themes for these two, who love intellectualizing the world around them to make decisions.

Cancer — The Chariot

The Chariot, a card of action and willpower, finds its pair in Cancer, a sign of action and emotions. This committed duo highlights the emotional determination of conquering goals. A lot of work has to happen inside to find outer success.

Leo — Strength

Fire and passion rules the brave Leo, while Strength in tarot governs over compassion and force. Strength reminds us to refocus and direct Leo’s force in a way that’s less passion and more intent.

Virgo — The Hermit

Finding a moment of solace and introspection can be just what you need when the world feels chaotic. This is why The Hermit, the card of inner wisdom and mentorship, matches so well with knowledgeable Virgo. These two remind us that powerful healing often comes from within.

Libra — Justice

Libra, a sign of partnership and value, is associated with the card of Justice. These two archetypes help us to understand and define our meaning of fairness and equilibrium.

Scorpio — Death

Mysterious Scorpio makes a great pair with the card of Death. A transformative card of the Major Arcana, Death teaches us about loss, rebirth, and letting go.

Sagittarius — Temperance

Healing is an important part of any long journey, providing you with life lessons and moments of introspection. This makes Sagittarius a great match with the Temperance card, which are both centered on wisdom, healing, and experience.

Capricorn — The Devil

Karma, time, and responsibility plague trustworthy Capricorn. The Devil in tarot is a card centered on hard work, a theme Capricorn knows all too well. This relationship highlights how temptation, sin, and distraction that may steer you away from your desires, while hard work and dedication makes those goals achievable.

Aquarius — The Star

Both Aquarius and The Star have themes of hope, inspiration, and improvement. These spontaneous energies like to embrace the chaotic, reminding you to find joy in life’s surprises since you never know what’s in store in the unexpected.

Pisces — The Moon

Pisces, the last of the zodiacal cycle, represents the spirit, making it no surprise that it’s associated with a card that represents the psychic world, The Moon. They both ask you to not shy away from darkness and instead, trust your instincts, and let your emotions guide you.



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