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What’s Your Tarot Card for Gemini Season?

These tarotscopes give you a glimpse of your summer energy.

by Kelsey Sunstrum

We get a breath of fresh air with Gemini season! The air-ruled sign picks up the pace for us post-Taurean energy, which is extremely grounded and even slow at times. If we were doing the dirty work of planting, watering, tending our garden last month, this month has us sharing and analyzing the fruits of our labor!

That’s not to say it’s all sunshine and rainbows this season, however. Mercury, Gemini’s planetary ruler, is retrograde the majority of the time (from May 29 through June 22) which could cause a trip or fall if we move too fast under this energy. Mercury retrograde calls for reviewing our words and projects before sharing them, checking and rechecking details, and taking our time. This can feel opposite to Gemini vibes and might confuse or diffuse the energy. Take a breath and take each moment as it comes!

Aries / Ace of Wands 🔥

Fire’s blazin’, Aries! The Ace of Wands is major fire energy, just like you. The Aces in the tarot signify the pure potential of that element. Therefore, you’re coming in hot this season with big energy, big passion, and big creativity! But how do you sustain this bombastic momentum? Grounding practices are the hearth to hold and maintain your fire. These exercises reconnect you to the body. A few examples include time in nature, gentle movement, or even standing/sitting barefoot outside for 20–30 minutes. Grant yourself those moments of quiet between your bursts of energy.

Taurus / 9 of Wands 🥊

Taurus, you are the bull, meaning you are strong, capable, steadfast, and yes, sometimes stubborn. Your persistent doggedness is under the microscope with the 9 of Wands as your Gemini guide. Peek at the figure in this card. They’re protecting their work all on their own and, quite frankly, looks like they could use a nap! This is a soft reminder to not push yourself to the brink of exhaustion. There’s no shame in pacing yourself and calling in comrades to spread the load. Especially in Gemini season, there’s wind beneath your sails to put together a trusted team of helpers to get the job done.

Gemini / 4 of Wands 🥳

It’s birthday season and you’re the life and soul of this party! (Aren’t you always?) You are not one to shy away from a reason to celebrate, especially when the reason is you! The 4 of Wands is an invitation to lean into the jubilant energy of the season, not that you need it. Gather with your pals (in accordance with COVID protocols in your area) and treat yourself! It hasn’t been an easy year but you’ve made it, better than ever. This card’s prominent theme is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Take a break, eat some cake, and put your feet up!

Cancer / Ace of Cups 💝

It’s about to get dreamy up in here! The Ace of Cups is ruled by the element of water, as are you, Cancerian babes, so you’ll likely be feeling extra comfy in your skin this season. The Aces represent blessings of the element by which it’s governed. In this case, you’re bestowed with a deep connection to your heart, emotions, relationships, imagination, and intuition. Immersing yourself in this energy will yield rewards. If the water is too intense, like it could swallow you up, take some time in meditation or gentle exercise to provide yourself with solid ground to steady yourself.

Leo / The Sun 😎

Another month in The Sun! Leos, we saw this card, governed by your planetary ruler, come up for you in Taurus season as well. And in Air-ruled Gemini, it can feel like the season is fanning the flame of your fire. But is the second season in a row of The Sun too much of a good thing? More difficult aspects of this card are feeling overexposed or an over-emphasis on ego. Allow yourself time away from the spotlight and from being “on” to restore your energy and nourish your relationships. A social-media break or time in solo reflection are recommendations to equalize this fire.

Virgo / The Hanged Man 🌀

Let surrender be your keyword in Gemini season, Virgo. Relinquishing control is tough for any sign but especially Earth-ruled babes, like yourself. However, that’s just what The Hanged Man asks of you. If you’re feeling stuck, like you’re not progressing in an area, can you step back and let the situation unfold naturally? Adopting fresh perspectives and reframing the situation from a different lens are encouraged under this card. Inviting trusted and supportive peeps in to provide their feedback helps expand your mind and change your vantage point. Experiment with trying on opposing, or different, points of view to spread your consciousness.

Libra / 3 of Wands 🚀

You’re going places this month! Taurus season saw you getting curious and opening up to your passion. In Gemini season, you’re seeing concrete and actionable steps forward in this area! This is a time for expanding passion projects and business, doing the work, high productivity, and even seeing results. You’re taking next steps and building the foundation for self-expansion. Conscious and deliberate effort will be remunerated in the future. Trust the process. You might even physically be exploring new areas and new horizons for yourself. Let yourself get swept up in the excitement. You earned it!

Scorpio / 8 of Wands 🔋

You’re off and running in Gemini season! The high-intensity effort you exerted in Taurus season pays off in dividends the next four weeks. The 8 of Wands is forward momentum, nearing our goals, and pathways forward. Thus far, the work has been considerable and even trying at times. Now, you’re hitting your stride and maybe even stumbling onto some good fortune, giving you the push you need to reach the finish line. Still, be realistic about your energy. The 8 of Wands can move too fast if you don’t check yourself. Trust that what needs to be done will get done.

Sagittarius / The Hierophant 🎤

You’re a teacher and philosopher, Sagittarius. The Hierophant asks you to shine the light of your wisdom on your community. Your intelligent and searching mind inspires others to quest for truth, both in the world and in themselves. The world needs leaders and guides to inspire and instruct and you are the perfect fit to do just that. There is a warning against veering into dogma, however. Share your sagacity and knowledge with others sans pushing these beliefs onto them. Offer instead of force your ideas. Be as eager to hear the viewpoints of others as you are to speak yours.

Capricorn / The Lovers 👥

How apropos! The Lovers is ruled by the sign of Gemini and, as such, is a match for the season. That being said, the curious and playful air-ruled sign and your practical earth-oriented nature can feel at odds. The Lovers offers advice on managing these opposing forces. This card asks you to approach not only love and relationships but greater issues and decisions at hand with a balanced perspective. This card is about considering both the head-ruled approach (your rational mind, the facts and figures) and the heart-ruled way (your emotions, how something makes you feel) to choices and moves forward.

Aquarius / Strength 🦁

The courage to be vulnerable and heart-centered is being asked of you this Gemini season. Aquarius, an air-ruled sign as well, tends to take an abstract, very cerebral, and sometimes distant modus operandi to life and relationships. The Strength card asks if you can push yourself outside the confines of your mind and into the heart this month. Instead of leaning on your highly analytical and theory-driven mind, can you lean into the emotional and intuitive sense you get from someone or something? Consider that your heart and your gut offer just as much valuable input as your brain.

Pisces / 5 of Swords 💆

Pisces, centering in your heart and your truth above all else is super important to your wellbeing this Gemini season. The air energy of the month could have you out of your element and maybe too much in your head. Keep your eyes open for red flags and your heart protected if something or someone doesn’t feel right but resist succumbing to overthinking and catastrophizing. Mental turmoil and anxiety can result from falling into this trap. Check both the facts and your intuition in the face of conflict and don’t be afraid to take a time-out for perspective. Increasing self-care efforts helps restore your inner peace.



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