[CLOSED] Bounty Campaign [updated] — New mobile application bounties

Feel like bringing customer satisfaction to the next level? Join the Sandblock community, help us spread the word and get rewarded with the Sandblock Bounty Campaign!

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The bounty campaign registration is now closed. Token distribution will be processed after the token sale ends, as mentioned on
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Everything as evolved a lot since we started the bounty campaign and it is time to update its rules to better reflect the current state of the project, our community and the various recent changes in the continuously evolving crypto-space.

BitcoinTalk has become more noisy and we don’t use it as a main medium of communication anymore. In order to reflect that we are re-allocating a partial amount of its bounties to the mobile application bounty pool. All contributors will be fairly rewarded for their engagement.

Here’s a summary the updated bounty campaigns:

  • 8% of the Satisfaction Tokens (SAT) are still allocated to bounties
  • [NEW] Mobile application bounties: 25%
  • Social media campaign: 20%
  • Blog & publication Campaign: 10%
  • BT Signature campaign: 10%
  • Translation & Moderation campaign: 10%
  • Random bounties: 25%

[NEW] Mobile application bounties (25%)

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon release a showcase application to discover the Sandblock project capabilities and the businesses joining the Satisfaction Protocol!

To join this bounty campaign you just have to download the mobile application and create an account!

The more you play with it, share it to your friends and community, the more stakes you earn (called BSAT within the app) 🚀

BSAT will be converted to SAT using the same mechanism as any other bounty programs (user stakes) using this simple formula:

To get the app, visit https://sandblock.io/app

Social media campaign (20%)

Tweet, Retweet, Like and Share all Sandblock posts to help us reach out the mass!

  • 10 stakes per week per active account on Facebook & Twitter (you can cumulate both campaigns)

Join Facebook:


Join Twitter:



  • You can join both campaigns, rewards will be cumulated
  • Only 1 Facebook account for the campaign
  • Facebook account should be active and without any spam/inappropriate posts
  • You must have over 50 followers on Twitter or 100 facebook friends
  • Minimum 1 year old account
  • Negative Trust accounts are prohibited
  • Fake, spam or inactive accounts will be disqualified

Blog & publication Campaign (10%)

Write about us in any language and get rewarded depending on the quality of your post and your reach.

  • Normal: 25 Stakes
  • Good: 50 Stakes
  • Excellent: 100 Stakes




  • Low quality will not be counted
  • Must contain more than 200 words and not be directly copied from website or ANN thread
  • You can post your articles on your own website/blog or Reddit/Steemit/Hackernews/Medium or other similar resource
  • Articles can be written in any language
  • Videos must be at least 1 minute long
  • Excellent presentation videos will receive extra tokens!
  • Must have graphic materials (images) and 2+ links to sandblock.io/ANN thread
  • Must contain only unique content
  • Must be publicly accessible
  • The content could be introduction to Sandblock, information about our ICO or other thing as long as it contains correct information
  • You must add your bitcointalk login to your publication to prove your identity and get rewarded

BTT Signature & Avatar campaign (10%)

Wear our avatar and signature during the campaign to help us promote Sandblock to the BitcoinTalk community. (More informations available on the BitcoinTalk Bounty Campaign Thread).

  • Jr Member and Member: 10 Stakes/Week
  • Full Member: 20 Stakes/Week
  • Sr Member: 40 Stakes/Week
  • Hero and Legendary: 80 Stakes/Week


  • Participants must make at least 1 valid post per day
  • Only user with rank of Jr.Member and above can claim for the signature bounty
  • Spamming, low quality posts, copy paste and off topic posts will not be counted
  • Posts must be at least 15 words long to qualify
  • Participants can post anywhere in the bitcointalk forum you wish
  • You should not have a negative feedback on your profile



Translation & Moderation campaign (10%)

Translate our announcements, moderate the local ANN threads and keep threads up to date using our latest announcements on social medias.

  • Translate the ANN Thread
  • Moderate your local ANN Thread
  • Translate and repost all official announcements from the ANN thread on the local thread


Post request on thread


  • Translations must be original, no translation tool allowed otherwise you will be disqualified
  • You must keep the thread up to date by translating and sharing the official announcements
  • You must be able to answer other community members on your local thread
  • You must be approved as a local translator if you want to be rewarded for your work

Priority to translations in:

Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Danish, Estonian, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Vietnamese.

Random bounties (25%)

Bug bounties, special promotion and dedicated help. Anything that helps us improve our project and campaign will be rewarded using the random bounty token pool.

Contact us on the relevant communication tool for if you want to provide a special help.

Join our Community

Important notes

  • BSAT are not tokens, they are bounties for Satisfaction Tokens (a friendly name for the “stakes” mentioned in the other bounty campaigns)
  • To protect all contributors and members of the Sandblock ecosystem and respect a balance between all users, the minimum of tokens that a user can acquire through the bounty campaigns is 1 SAT and the maximum is 25 000 SAT.
  • If bounty tokens remain unused at the time of the token distribution they will be kept for future growth programs (bounties, rewards, partnerships…).