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Animoca Brands’ Metaprints and Forj Launch ‘Monkeying Around’ Experience

With their mission to push the boundaries of metaverse and Web3 experiences, Metaprints and Forj have teamed up with The Sandbox to launch a unique and mysterious Social Hub and adventure for the Alpha Season 3! This experience, which launches September 30th, features company-owned Bored Ape characters, combines the trendiest in gaming, NFTs and culture in a fun and exciting way.

The coolest party is in full swing at the spot to be — the Metaverse Club. To gain entry, you must run, jump, kick and fight your way through quests to get your ticket!

Metaprints’ ‘Monkeying Around’ Teaser

The ‘Monkeying Around’ experience will be live for three weeks and available for anyone to play.

However, you must complete KYC, in order to be eligible for the tens of thousands of dollars we have in token rewards for those that complete the quest the fastest each week.

Prize Structure

‘Monkeying Around’ is free for anyone to play during the three weeks that it will be open during Alpha Season 3. In order to receive enhanced rewards, or to be able to qualify for the $30,000 USD that their team pooled in token rewards for the top players, you will need to complete KYC with The Sandbox.

Players will earn points for completing quests, which include riding alligators and fighting mutants among other thrilling missions. There will be rewards for the Top 10 players on our leaderboard, updated at the end of The Sandbox Alpha season 3.

The token rewards that players will be competing for are broken down as follows:

Breakdown of the ‘Monkeying Around’ Rewards

  • 1st place will receive $3,000 in mSAND and $3,000 in $BONDLY, for a total of $6,000!
  • 2nd place will receive $2,550 in $mSAND and $2,550 in $BONDLY for a total of $5,100!
  • 3rd place will receive $1,950 in $mSAND and $1,950 in $BONDLY for a total of $3,900!
  • 4th-10th places will split the remaining $15,000 pool, for $2,142.86 each, divided between $mSAND and $BONDLY!

Creators and Communities

“The ‘Monkeying Around’ Experience is a showcase project from the team at Metaprints and Forj, illustrating both the fun and creative experiences that brands can create for their communities in the metaverse ” said Harry Liu, CEO of Forj and Team Lead at Metaprints.”One of our core beliefs is that experiences like these are at the forefront of how brands and communities will use their IP and new mediums to storytell and engage in the future.”

Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO at The Sandbox stated that “The Sandbox is co-building the open Metaverse together with major brands, builders and a community of creators and players.”

He continued, “We’re pleased to work with inspiring Metaverse builders in our ecosystem such as Metaprints and Forj who are bringing creativity, fun and immersion to the experiences and help onboard more brands into Web3 to engage their users & communities”

We look forward to monkeying around with you all!



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