Announcing our second wave of partners for the LAND Presale #2

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Feb 4, 2020 · 6 min read

We are proud to announce our second wave of partners that have claimed stakes in The Sandbox metaverse. With each new round of LAND presale comes a new round of partners and here are the ones for Round 2:

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New wave of partners

For this round we’ve built several partnerships from widely known crypto companies: MakerDAO, CryptoKitties, Flow, Dedalord, Token Pocket and Matic to worldwide famous tech brands such as Opera. Up and coming anticipated blockchain games: Planetarium, Light Trail Rush, Stryking Entertainment, CryptoWars, Reality Clash, Crypto Sword and Magic, Ember Sword, PlayDapp, Blockchain Cuties Universe and Neon District. As well as organizations that raise awareness around blockchain technology: and Blockchain Game Alliance. All of these partners are here to secure their own virtual real estate in The Sandbox metaverse and we are extremely excited about it!
With the LANDs claimed, our partners will have the possibility to create gaming experiences on top of their ESTATEs and/or just create a space with elements inspired from their respective projects. They will also be greatly helping in creating a better and overall more diverse gaming experience in The Sandbox.

To get a look at our previous partners, have a look at

Here is a more detailed look at the way we will be collaborating with each of these partners:

  • MakerDAO

We plan to integrate Maker’s Dai stablecoin in The Sandbox marketplace. In addition, Maker will also be one of our partners claiming stakes in The Sandbox metaverse! The collaboration will entail the creation of a “Dai City ‘’ gaming platform dedicated to Maker and its stablecoin. One of the possibilities is to build the city progressively with buildings and a decor based on specific events or achievements related to Maker. Dai City will also serve as a social meeting point for the Maker community to meet up and chat.

From the same studio, DapperLabs, CryptoKittties and Flow will be coming to The Sandbox. Both will have a separate ESTATE assigned to them to build unique gaming experiences and . Through this partnership, The Sandbox and CryptoKitties will work towards having ESTATES dedicated to their community of players. In this space we could see the creation of a special game experience that is faithful to the CryptoKitties identity.

In addition to our presence at this event, a virtual Swag Store will be coming to The Sandbox so keep an eye out!

  • Opera

Opera will be listing The Sandbox among their dApps. Together we will work towards building a better blockchain service with smoother and faster transactions. Opera will also be part of our Round 2 of LAND presale and will have a dedicated space to create a special environment for its community.

  • Dedalord

Dedalord will be coming to The Sandbox ecosystem and create a gaming experience that their teams or their community will put together. We might see a Fred-themed LAND on The Sandbox.

Together we aim to raise awareness about blockchain technologies in games, building and growing a community of like-minded spirits by promoting the establishment of best practices. In the near future we will give a virtual space for the members of the BGA in The Sandbox where they will be able to create a special experience.

For this partnership, we plan to build a voxel-based ESTATE dedicated to the sports gaming platform Sports fans would have a place within The Sandbox ecosystem to bond and enjoy games together. We are excited to see where this unique partnership will take us and what game experiences will come out of it.

Reality Clash will come to The Sandbox metaverse and should build an original game that will be exclusive to our platform. Players will be able to experiment in this dedicated space with elements of the Reality Clash game. We can’t wait to see all the options that will come out of this partnership.

  • Token Pocket

As part of the partnership, Token Pocket should be the first user-friendly mobile wallet for our Japanese users and later the rest of the world. Token Pocket will list The Sandbox among their dApps. The Sandbox will thus become a part of the 2200+ dApps that are currently listed on Token Pocket thanks to their built-in dApp browser, increasing the visibility of The Sandbox game in the process.

To further drive the mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming and enable interoperability, Blockade is teaming up with The Sandbox. With this partnership Blockade will be coming to The Sandbox and claiming stake of our metaverse in Round 2 of The Sandbox’s LAND presale. On this piece of The Sandbox metaverse, users will have the occasion to experience a Neon District-inspired game where the community could meet up and share original adventures.

The Sandbox and Blockchain Cuties have teamed up to bring out a new game experience to its players. During Round 2 of the LAND presale. This ESTATE would later become a place for Blockchain Cuties to meet up and chat. There is also the possibility of this ESTATE becoming a small game with Blockchain Cuties elements.

The Sandbox and Matic will work towards improving decentralized exchanges and think about potential Layer 2 integrations. As part of the partnership, Matic will also be present on the Metaverse map disclosed in round 2. This will be the occasion for our community to familiarize with the project and meet up in their exclusive LAND.

Ember Sword will be part of Round 2 of our LAND presale. A gaming experience built with and for the community will emerge in their allocated ESTATE. With an Ember Sword inspired game in The Sandbox, we are positive that a great number of artists and players from Ember Sword’s community will be willing to get involved in building the next gaming experience in The Sandbox metaverse. And we are incredibly excited about it!

At the heart of this ambitious partnership, Planetarium will be working on the Game Engine and will also take part in the Game Maker Fund project, the latter being The Sandbox visual scripting tool that allows players to create games within its ecosystem. Planetarium plans on developing a voxel content in the LAND using their game IPs.

Crypto Sword and Magic will claim stake in The Sandbox metaverse and create an exclusive game experience. We are excited to see what is to come from this partnership.

  • True Global Ventures

The Singaporean VC fund has invested in The Sandbox game. True Global Ventures will leverage their networks and expertise to provide bigger exposure to The Sandbox and make introductions to various other companies within and outside of the blockchain ecosystem. The Sandbox will also have a LAND dedicated to True Global Ventures, where the community could gather and create cross-platform experiences.

Through this partnership, we will be working towards bringing the best of our respective universes together and providing users with wholesome gaming experience. Light Trail Rush will claim stakes of The Sandbox metaverse and build a game experience. A similar game but different at the same time will emerge from this partnership and we are extremely excited to see what comes next. Already their teams have started to experiment and create ASSETs in VoxEdit.

Through our partnership with PlayDapp we will mutually work towards creating a better space for blockchain gamers. Playdapp is going to be a participant in Round 2 of our LAND presale and you will get to see their logo on the map. With Playdapp coming to The Sandbox we will see a new game experience being created either by their team or their community. Definitely keep an eye out for this one!

The map for Round 2 of the LAND presale is out. You can now preview it and see where all our partners will be located before we launch the LAND presale on February 11th!

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Map of the second LAND presale

Join our early supporters and pre-register for Round 2 of our LAND presale if you haven’t already:

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