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Announcing our third wave of partners for the LAND presale #3

We roll out a new set of partners for this third round of LAND presale.

We are proud to announce our 3rd wave of partners that have claimed stakes in The Sandbox metaverse. With the exploding interest towards The Sandbox and the success of our previous rounds of LAND presale we are back again for a new round with even more partners that have shown an interest in developing games on the blockchain.

With this new round we have secured new partnerships to create even more enticing game experience for our community. All these partners

Our partners will have the possibility to create gaming experiences on top of their ESTATEs and/or just create a space with elements inspired from their respective projects. We will work in conjunction with these partners to create a better environment for artists, players and gamers in The Sandbox.

Here is a detailed descriptions of who they are and how we will collaborate with them:


During our next round of LAND presale, Atari will claim multiple ESTATES and parcels of LAND dedicated to recreating game experiences inspired by their most popular games — but with a new spin. This means that players in The Sandbox will one day be able to play versions of Roller Coaster Tycoon or Asteroids with a 3D voxel look, creating an experience that is both familiar and new. We are planning on building an Atari theme park-like universe with a variety of their game titles. This gaming experience could expand on several LANDS as needed with creations, attractions, games and buildings to explore. Players will be able to meet up in these universes, jump into the games, and chat with each other.
More info on the partnership:


Infura, the Ethereum and IPFS node service provider, is also coming to The Sandbox. Through this partnership, the company that provides Ethereum infrastructure for building decentralized applications will co-build an experience along with the Sandbox team while still supporting the game infrastructure. To achieve this experience we would aim at leveraging our existing artist community to either create a diorama (visual experience) or a game.


As one of the most popular crypto wallets, Metamask has been one of the first crypto wallets to be integrated within our platform. Through this partnership we will deepen the integration and compatibility with our platform. We will keep integrating blockchain technology with their expertise to create better and faster in-game transactions. In addition to their support in integrating their technology in The Sandbox we will build gaming experiences with Metamask. Indeed in this round of presale Metamask will have a LAND assigned to them to bring communities together.


The Sandbox has partnered with the Chinese decentralized app information startup DappReview. The company that was acquired by Binance late last year is a big supporter of The Sandbox. As part of this partnership we will benefit from the expertise from one of the leading analytics platforms. On top of it they will claim stakes in our metaverse and plan to build experiences on it.

Polyient Games

Polyient Games, an investment firm and startup ecosystem that focuses solely on non-fungible tokens has entered in a partnership with The Sandbox. The company is a multi-chain platform that aims at helping drive users to their ecosystem. Through this partnership, The Sandbox would possibly integrate the upcoming Polyient Games ecosystem, a third party ecosystem that functions as a collaborative layer to support the larger blockchain gaming community.

Sandbox Networks

Sandbox Networks will arrive in The Sandbox and claim stakes in our metaverse. Founded in 2015, the South Korea based major company provides Multi-Channel Network (MCN) services for digital contents. Sandbox is the second largest MCN company in Korea and the largest gaming contents network. In their designated ESTATE they will be building a unique ecosystem for our communities to bond over and explore together.

Horizon Games

Horizon Games and their game SkyWeaver will be participants in our third round of LAND presale. The company is pioneering a new dimension of gaming with blockchain technology. SkyWeaver is a decentralized card game that is playable on Windows, MacOS, Linux, IOS and Android. Their Ethereum-based “Arcadeum” platform is an open stack that is connected to SkyWeaver and operates the transactions in the game. We expect Horizon Games to build a platform on our metaverse that will be open for enjoyment within our communities.


Each Kaijus are the world’s first vinyl toys that are backed by ERC-721 tokens and therefore fully traceable on the blockchain. Every Kaiju is based on well-known cryptocurrencies with a variety of designs, variants and exclusive editions. The cute crypto NFTs will be coming to The Sandbox to bring out the best experience for our communities.


MetaFactory is democratizing brand creation and empowering anyone to create and grow their own culture economy. They have developed a crowdfunding platform for the creation of limited run, custom goods with an initial focus on fashion and apparel.

In The Sandbox they plan to create a space to sell wearables/gear/assets, as well as promote services to our creators and empower them to build brands of their own.


SkyPeople the creators of South Korean mobile game hits like Final Blade and Dragon Castle are coming to The Sandbox metaverse! We will collaborate with them to build a “Fivestars” theme park among other creations to bridge our communities!

League of Kingdom

NOD Games, the game company that published Crypto Sword & Magic is back for our third round of LAND presale! The South Korean company that plans on trailblazing the blockchain industry with engaging game content and a self-sovereign ecosystem is back with their newest game League of Kingdom. Just like with Crypto Sword & Magic, League of Kingdom has a dedicated ESTATE that they will use to create gaming experiences on top of.


Status is an open source, that aims at being a secure communication tool that upholds human rights. With this ambitious goal in sight, the team, and the contributors are building a community where anyone can join, and have the same free access to assets and information while retaining their rights to privacy and mitigating the risks of censorship. The Status ESTATE will be a way for their community to be engaged and socially collaborate, chat, play and create a 3D voxel experience inspired by the game environment.


The strategy game that launched on the Decentraland platform is reinventing the RPG genre. Created by the German company Qwellcode in 2018, Chainbreakers is a game where players have to complete quests while evolving on their metaverse. As part of our partnership we will support the upcoming auction sale of Chainbreakers by giving the team a Medium ESTATE (6x6 LANDS) to welcome the franchise to our metaverse. The Sandbox will later leverage the Creators Fund and its community of amazing voxel artists to help the future Chainbreakers owner to bring the game into The Sandbox.

Paladin Studios

Paladin Studios is a game company that creates free-to-play games with quirky twists and revisits old games while giving them a fresh new twist. Since their creation in 2005 they have created several of these quirky and colorful games. Some of their nostalgia-filled titles are: My Tamagotchi Forever, Alice in Wonderland — Puzzle Gold Adventures!, Momonga Pinball Adventures or Stormbound With the goal to create games that bring a smile to every users — be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh, or evil grin, we can’t wait to see what original game experience is created by the teams on the Paladin Studios ESTATE.


Gitcoin is a platform that puts developers and companies in relation to work on projects and bounties, allowing the former to monetize their talents on a broader scale and the latter to scout and hire global talent. It also helps in crowdfunding projects by leveraging the open source community. Now with this partnership, Gitcoin will claim stakes in The Sandbox. We will be collaborating closely to launch hackathons for game creations and organizing special bounties on Gitcoin.


KnownOrigin, one of the fastest growing art platforms within the Ethereum ecosystem will build an original experience on their designated ESTATE in The Sandbox that could one day take the shape of an art gallery or marketplace. The artist-driven platform empowers artists and creators by easing authentication, showcasing and sale processes of their digital artwork on Web3.


Multis is the first crypto wallet specifically designed for companies to create the easiest wallet experience. Built on top of a multisignature smart contract, their powerful interface is designed to swiftly access, monitor and manage the company’s assets. In addition to their continuous support, the team will have a presence in our metaverse on top of which anyone could experiment with what they have to offer.


WAX is an all-in-one blockchain platform enabling developers to easily create, sell and trade digital goods to empower businesses to profit from the next era of digital commerce. For more information, please visit

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