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Announcing The Sandbox Avatars

Select and save the avatar that you’ll be using on the Sandbox’s playable metaverse!

We have launched a new website where you can choose and save the avatar that you’ll be using in the Sandbox metaverse games.

Choose an Avatar

Get started easily with a predesigned avatar. Choose between more than 20 models designed by our best artists and join The Sandbox metaverse!

Save your Avatar

Once you have chosen one of the many designed avatars to use, the next step will be to either sign in with your Sandbox account or create one following the steps mentioned in our marketplace.

Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to either download the Game Maker or launch it if you have already installed it. Once already in the Game Maker, you will be able to see your selected avatar that will be displayed on future Sandbox multiplayer experiences.

Customize your Avatar

You can now customise your Sandbox avatar by combining different outfits, hairstyles, colours and equipment to create a unique style. Head over to

The Sandbox metaverse is a place where you’ll be able to meet and interact with thousands of users with different styles. Explore, discover, and play with them in the virtual lands of our metaverse, and your looks will make your avatar stand out.

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