Becoming a Family of Game Creators During the Pandemic: CyberDragon

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4 min readJan 19, 2021


Welcome to our Game Creators interview series, where we feature creators and members of The Sandbox community, giving them a platform to share their stories.

The CyberDragon family creating their next game with the Game Maker

In this edition of Game Creators, we speak with one of our creators, Peter, aka CyberDragon, regarding his involvement with The Sandbox — and how he became an active creator after losing employment during pandemic lockdowns. Rather than dwelling on misfortune, he and his family (including his five year-old son!) used The Sandbox as a new creative outlet, and took a step further to share his knowledge with other creators through Game Maker Academy. Read on to find out more!

“My goal is to inspire others to create cool games”

CyberDragon, what initially attracted you to The Sandbox?

I’ve been in crypto since mid-2017 and have been following projects closely. I saw images and a short video of The Sandbox concept, real early stages, and it looked cool. I kept tabs on the project and after noticing The Sandbox had a
successful LAND sale, backed by Square Enix, had partnered with Atari, and had a working Game Maker v0.1, I knew this was worth investing my time and money into.

A sneak peek into CyberDragon’s next game

How easy/difficult was it for you to get started creating games in The Sandbox?

Everything takes time. The more I played with the Game Maker, the more I understood how things were working. For me, it was really easy to understand and I was impressed that I could build a game that others will be able to play without needing to know how to code.

How did The Sandbox help you deal with a pandemic-related job loss situation this past year?

Making games kept me busy after losing my job and with the strict lockdowns here in Melbourne. After a few months, my wife noticed I was really into the Game Maker and she got interested too. She started building houses and decorating rooms.

My wife and son Arthur, really enjoy playing the games I made and became really good at finding ways to break my games. Together as a family, we built games for the Game Jam and had a lot of fun doing it.

CyberDragon’s game “Grey Town” won the 1st prize at the Game Jam #2

What are your motivations and goals for 2021?

My goal is to inspire others to create cool games. I want to share my knowledge with the community through Game Maker Academy so we all can play better content in the future. I also want to learn to use VoxEdit to create my own assets for my future games.

Do you have a big game project to publish on The Sandbox platform?

I have a couple of games in mind but would really love to do the Tower Defense game we have in the works. Tower Defense games are fairly easy to grasp and can be quite addictive when done right.

Why did you want to share your knowledge and contribute to the Game Maker Academy?

I believe it will help The Sandbox community create better games if they have access to knowledge and tutorials on how to do things inside the Game Maker. If the games are of better quality then the platform will be a more fun and enjoyable place for everyone.

CyberDragon made several tutorials on The Sandbox Game Maker Academy

That concludes this Game Creators interview — we’ll be back soon with another edition. Thank you, CyberDragon, for taking the time to answer our questions! We can’t wait to see your next creation in the metaverse.

You can read the brilliantly done Game Maker Academy page and check out his two great experiences.

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